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Wintersday: Investing in the future


Wintersday: Investing in the future

Wintersday has ended, and the residents of the Black Lion’s Trading Post are counting their gold, humming those bell-choir tunes as they work! They savor their memories of enchanted stuffing, unbreakable choir bells, festive tonics, and the very profitable shenanigans of Toymaker Tixx! And so the Black Lions Profit admin sends one last merry wish that the riches you earned during Wintersday will last all year long! Happy New Year!

Now what to do with all that hard earned money? stick it in the bank and hope Arena Net add’s interest rates, buy some siege golems for your servers world vs world battles or perhaps buy that set of exotic, new armour you have been eyeing up?


You will be investing it! and here’s some ideas on what you should buy.

Unbreakable Choir Bell

  • Yep! that annoying hollow instrument of cast metal, typically cup shared with a flared mouth that some people are very good at playing actual music on. At the time of posting, there are currently only 43 unbreakable choir bells listed for sale on the trading post and with the drop rate being a reported 0.005% there is a very good possibility that this item could end up becoming a fabled and rare item. Unless of course it drops in next year’s Wintersday as well - in that case, sell when you think the price has peaked.

Endless Toymaker’s Tonic

  • It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! - actually no it isn’t, sorry if I got you excited. At the time of posting, there are currently only 58 Endless Toymaker Tonics listed for sale on the trading post and with the drop rate being a reported 0.003% it is very unlikely that you will face much competition when you are selling this beauty for one million gold in three months time! (OK, probably not for one million gold but I will eat my hat if the price doesn’t rise at least 20 gold in the next three months.)
  • p.s. the only hat I own is a woollen monstrosity.

Princess Wand Skin

  • Everyone has always wanted to be a princess at some point in their lives, and with this brilliantly pink wand you too can unleash your inner beauty. A quirky little sceptre skin which is sure to be an impulse buy for many over the coming months.

Snowman Tonic

  • I have put a lot of thawed into listing the snowman tonic, whilst there is plenty of potential for an ice profit margin there is snow way of telling how popular these will be as people slowly lose their festive cheer. Nevertheless, those with true grit should give it a go!

Wintersday Gift Boxes

  • These are always a good thing to invest in, especially with a strong community of gambling obsessed gamers eager to splash their cash for some good old fashioned luck. However, with many people whining on the official forums and various other on line communities there is a possibility of a future patch increasing the gains of these items in the future, which will provide ample opportunity to make gold.

Ugly Clothes

  • Unless you are going to do give these to your grandmother next year as some sort of twisted, revenge fuelled Christmas gift for all the years of itchy jumpers, woollen socks and bobble topped hats then you should probably avoid them. I foresee them ending up like Candy corn.

Toy Staff, Sword, Candy-Cane skins etc.

  • This is all down to personal preference, but in my opinion the only noteworthy Wintersday skin was the princess wand. But, that’s just my opinion and not everyone has such good taste like myself, so if you think there is a potential profit in them, then by all means, buy, buy, buy!

Enchanted Stuffing & Magic Glue

  • With the supply slowly increasing towards the end of Wintersday, it appears most player’s have used any stuffing and glue they needed for their pets and tonics. I personally won’t be buying any of these for a long term investment.

As always, be sure to check out the relevant graphs and Trading post fee’s before you invest in any items listed in our “Wintersday investing in the future” article! You never know, we might have ulterior motives!


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