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Wintersday Cooking Recipes: ice cream!


Break out the pens and get ready to take some notes, the new Wintersday recipes are here and they sure are chilly!

Ice cream is the only Wintersday recipe that has we have managed to discover during the first hours of the Wintersday, and possibly the only recipe for cooking.  However it isn’t all doom and gloom for those of you who invested into cooking materials, as these icy treats require a lot of the ingredients we listed on our Wintersday Speculation post.

Wintersday Cooking Recipes
Ice Cream Base (cooking level: 0)
Bowl of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (cooking level: 25)
Bowl of Candy Corn Ice Cream (cooking level: 50)
Bowl of Blueberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (cooking level: 100)
Bowl of Ginger-Lime Ice Cream (cooking level: 175)
Bowl of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (cooking level: 250)
Bowl of Peach Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream (cooking level: 325)
Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream (cooking level: 400)

Special thanks to “Antoh” of Piken Square (EU) for helping me to research these recipes and for agreeing to share them with the Black Lions Profit community.

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