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Wintersday: Teaser Video and Event page updated!


The Wondrous workshop of Toymaker Tixx and his mechamagic golem Toxx will soon be upon us as ArenaNet releases a new teaser video for their latest event, Wintersday. Whilst there is no new information about any potential crafting recipes or item requirements, there are still clues to be found within. The video also helps to inspire new speculation on the trading post as the population of Tyria awakes to the fun to be had this festive holiday.

If any of the items you have been holding onto start to spike, now is the best time to sell for a safe profit. Any new readers hoping to invest before the event starts can catch up with our definitive Wintersday speculation guide.

Wintersday clothes

Festive Wintersday Items in the Gem Store

With festive town clothes, wintery weapon skins, and chests full of holiday treasures, The Black Lion Trading Company has everything you need to celebrate Wintersday! Check out the new items and much more in the Gem Store today!

It’s a sure bet that gem prices will be rising, whether there is room for profitable investment after the horrible gems to gold fee I don’t know.

Wintersday puzzle

Challenging Wintersday Jumping Puzzle

It’ll take more than a good pair of snow boots to get you through this Wintersday’s jumping puzzle. Speak to the Festive Youth near the snow globe in Lion’s Arch to test your luck—and your balance.

Always a good place for Mesmers to turn some quick gold, good use of the Portal Entre/Portal Exuent skill and you can charge players for a teleport to the reward chest! I have personally made a good sum of gold through this service.

Mystic forge snow globe

The almighty Mystic Snow Globe!

Zommoros, the eccentric djinn trapped within the Mystic Forge, loves Wintersday. He’s transformed the Forge into a giant snow globe that holds three brand-new holiday activities.

Whilst the three holidays activities sound fun, I am sure ArenaNet have at least one secret recipe hidden within the mystic forge. Make sure you keep an eagle eye on the forums and reddit for when it’s discovered.

Toxx, The mastermind behind the Toypocalypse?

The Wintersday Toypocalypse

The toys in Tixx’s workshop have gone haywire! They’re trying to take over the gigantic toymaking machine in the center of the workshop, and if they succeed, Wintersday will be ruined! Defend Tixx’s present-delivering dolyaks and the gigantic toy-making machine from waves of maniacal toys in these challenging and fun events.

If you are going to be playing Guild Wars 2 this Christmas,  this is an event you cannot afford to miss. Remember the Karka event rewards? ArenaNet are unpredictable.


The Wintersday celebration officially begins in three days, bringing with it the customary snowmen, presents and holidays cheer all over Tyria and in the Mists during Wintersday. BlackLionsProfit will be following the event closely, so check back regularly for the latest gold making guides, tips and tricks from your favourite Guild Wars 2 website!

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