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Festive Lionguard leaving Tyria

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Festive Lionguard leaving Tyria!

I spotted a small announcement on the official Guild Wars 2 website, notifying player’s that the Festive Lionguard located in Lions Arch will be leaving the game on Sunday, January 28th PST. This means that ugly woollen hats, socks and scarf’s will now be unusable until Wintersday arrives next year. This in turn also makes the majority of the contents of Wintersday gifts unredeemable.

With the holiday season at an end, the last remaining Wintersday merchant is closing shop. Make sure to finish your exchanges before January 28th PST, when the Festive Lionguard will be packing his wares and leaving Tyria.

Invest before it’s too late!

I predict that the removal of the Festive Lionguard will bring a buzz of activity to the Trading Post as trader’s and player’s alike invest in skins, bells & snowflakes before prices begin to rise. However, it is not too late! Get down to your local Black Lion Trading Post and start buying! (or not, I am not your mother.)

Here are some suggestions on what to invest in!

  • Toy Sword Skin
  • Slingshot skin
  • Princess Wand Skin
  • Toy Staff Skin
  • Unbreakable / Choir Bell
  • Endless Toymaker Tonic
  • Endless Dolyak Tonic

If you have any buy order’s for ugly clothing, make sure you remove them as soon as possible. Don’t be the one who ends up with thousands of useless hats!


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