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Wintersday: Endless toy tonic recipe


Those of you who have been using the flipping technique I mentioned yesterday may have noticed the price of Magic Glue and Enchanted stuffing rapidly rising overnight. The reason for this was the discovery of a new mystic forge recipe allowing players to combine the glue and stuffing with their toy frames and a sprinkle of glittering dust for a chance of creating an endless toy tonic. If you are unlucky, you will get your toy frame back and receive 3 consumable toy tonics that last for 15 minutes.

I hope anybody taking advantage of the tip managed to profit from the rise in prices, it really was a gold rush.

Endless Toy Tonic Recipe
This recipe is crafted by placing the following ingredients into the Mystic Forge.

  • 50x Enchanted Stuffing
  • 50x Magic Glue
  • 1x Glittering Dust
  • 1x Toy Frame


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