Guild Wars 2 Flipping Tips

Wintersday: Flip these for some fast gold!


I hope you are all having as much fun making gold on the Trading Post as I am, Wintersday is turning out to be an incredible event for making some serious gold. There is a wealth of items currently on the trading post that will give you brilliant returns for your investments. As is Black Lions Profit tradition, we will be sharing these tips, tricks and advice with you throughout the Wintersday event, so be sure to bookmark us and check back daily!

Flipping Drops of Magic Glue & Wads of Enchanted Stuffing!

Wintersday flipping bought - guild wars 2 screenshot of bought items
Wintersday Flipping - Stuffing & Glue
Wintersday flipping sold - guild wars 2 screenshot of items sold
Players have the choice of 250 Magic Glue or Enchanted Stuffing upon completing the Daily Toypocalypse event. This is great for buyer’s as it encourages newer players to sell direct to the highest bidder (you), and also prevents the market being flooded as long as there are a few, active traders. The mystic forge recipes these are used in also required a minimum of 250, which results a fast turnover as buyers constantly buy in bulk stacks of 250+.

Making gold in Guild Wars 2 has never been this easy, Wintersday really delivered on this one.

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