Wintersday - Guild Wars 2

Anthony Ordon discusses Wintersday on official forums - Q&A inside!


Those utilising our Stalking method will have seen Anthony Ordon discussing the upcoming Wintersday event on the Guild Wars 2 forums. Whilst there isn’t any mentions of specific items he does drop some hints as to what to expect from the crafting recipes - that they will most likely use components from the event.

We have compiled all the questions and answers for you convenience below.

Question 1
QTelling us what is going to happen in the event makes a mockery of the event itself, it should be a surprise.

AWe tried our best to leave in some surprise without leaving the majority of players feeling lost and unaware of what activities are available for Wintersday (as was very much the case with Halloween). There’s one major missing piece of information that I’m sort of surprised no one has taken note of, which is exactly what toys the toymaker will be making.

Question 2
QAnd speaking of Toys… maybe for the toy slot? Combined with race… a racial toy can be equipped in its own toy slot?

AAs far as the toys go, I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

Question 3
QWhy dont you put different schedules for Europe and America? Why do you even make one time events?

AThe transition of the airship departing and arriving is at 10 AM PST each day , but all of theactual content is available at-will, all day long.

Question 4
QOooh, so there IS a cinematic/mini-event of the airship arriving/leaving a city?

ATo clarify, there’s no cinematic. But you can see it happen.

Question 5
QSo according to the event page, Tixx will visit each of the racial capitals once for 24 hours only. Are there any unique 1-time-only rewards from these visits?

AAny rewards tied to a specific day will be attainable when those days are available for replay at the end.

Question 6
Qwill the last event of wintersday give a chest with a % of precursor ? I need to know this because I just skipped the last event.

AYou have two weeks to claim the final reward.

Question 7
QThe only update to WvW for this event will be new passive mobs and a new snow skin for the ground. DO NOT UP ORE NODES LIKE THE CANDY CORN!

AThere’s no resource nodes being added to WvW for Wintersday.

Question 8
QBut are new resource nodes being added at all for Wintersday (anything like corn nodes for Halloween)?

ANo, there’s no resource nodes. Something else will take the place of ad-hoc, holiday content on the go. There are new crafting recipes, but the components for those will come from the rewards gained by playing any holiday content.

Question 9
QFor the Wintersday content, do you need to be level 80 to participate effectively?

ANo, you can be any level to participate in any of the main stage Wintersday content. And yes, there are both level-appropriate and level independent rewards.

Question 10
QIs there any part of the update designed for level 80’s?

AIn general, I would not expect difficult combat challenges in combat updates. The reception of including such content with the Halloween update was very poor.

Fortunately, holiday events are not the only format of content update that will be added to the game. We can still add those challenges with future updates in the coming months and years ahead.

Question 11
QCan you see the golem travel between the cities if you stand in a zone between those cities, or will it be instant porting?

ANo, Tixx’s airship flies very high. And fast. It is worth noting, however, that we could feasibly make this happen. I’m just not sure we get much gameplay out of it since the airship is too big to fly low enough to be interacted with.

Question 12
QAre you trying to say there will be:

  1. Completely new resources added that will be used as mats for every holiday event from now on? or
  2. we will use the holiday resources added in Holloween (i.e. candy corn, chattering skull, etc.)? or
  3.  Holiday events will from now on use the standard GW2 mats?
AI’m saying that there will be new crafting components specific to Wintersday. To get them, you play Wintersday stuff. Activities, events, etc.

We took a very different approach to Wintersday crafting than Halloween. There’s a lot more recipes and we made some of our unique skins considerably more easy to get.

Question 13
Q I will likely be almost unable to play at all during this festival. Almost. Will i be able to obtain the final event reward in less then twenty minutes?

AAll you have to claim your final event reward is speak to Tixx after he arrives in Lion’s Arch on December 20th, 10:00 AM PST (7:00 PM CET). He’ll be there until January 3, 2013. You have two weeks to log in and complete a task that should take no longer than a minute, depending on how fast your client can load the game.


With Wintersday releasing tomorrow, today is the last chance for you to sell any risky stock that aren’t comfortable gambling on. However, if your stock hasn’t risen to a profitable level then you would be wise to hold onto them, no point losing gold if you there’s the chance of it appearing in the event.

One of the answers that caught my eye was where Anthony specifically mentioned that crafting components will come from the event. Whilst this will have some knock back on the market, I think it is safe to presume that any cooking recipes will require additional ingredients. I mean you cant make eggnog without the egg, can you?

What do you think the Wintersday has in store for us? will we be able to make a profit or are ArenaNet trying to minimise the affect events have on the economy?

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