overview (Free/Premium)


The tool is for the most part free, with the opportunity to pay a minimal monthly fee to cover the websites operating costs and access special premium features. Definitely give it a try!


  • Basic search and filtering form for item searches.
  • Prices refreshed every 10 minutes.
  • User friendly trading post graphs.
  • Flip profit automatically calculated on all items.
  • Large list of flippable items.
  • Easy to use Calculator for working out Trading Post fees.
  • Guild Wars 2 player submitted guide archive.
  • Ability to create a personal watch list of 100 items.
  • Ability to track items and profit in an innovative transaction log. (lasts for 2 weeks)
  • JSON API for basic, external data querying.
  • Chrome extension for searching directly through your google web browser.


  • Advanced Search form and filtering for item searches.
  • Flip Profit and Percentage return columns on all item pages tables. (example)
  • Supply and Demand Legends - Easily identify items that are high in demand or supply.
  • Search Saving - Search once and save, never have to do it again!
  • Ability to create unlimited watch lists with as many items as you like.
  • Ability to tracks items and profit in an innovative transaction log for longer. (3 months)


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