Gold Wars 2 Overview (Premium)

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GoldWars2 is a premium only tool offering an extremely user friendly experience for finding profitable items fast and efficiently so that you can go on and make “buckets of easy gold”. If you can afford to spare $5 a month, then this is the place to spend it.


  • Search and Filtering form for item searches.
  • Advanced Search Filtering for quickly finding specific items and niches.
  • Prices updated in less than 50 seconds and refreshed every 15 minutes.
  • Profit calculation on all items - See it, search it, invest with it. (example)
  • Easy to use calculator to work out Trading Post fees. (uses
  • Ability to save items to custom lists allowing for fast and easy browsing at the click of a button. (example)
  • Saved Searches - Save whole search results to a search list and save even more time.
  • Supply and Demand Legends for when an item  has demand > supply. (and vice versa)
  • Personal Tracker to watch your trading post investments (example)
  • Mobile site - Easily access the tool from your internet connected smartphone.
  • Community News - Syndicated content from over 18 fan sites including!

You can sign up for an account and pay for premium access here.

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