TPextractor Overview (Premium)


TPextractor is a private Guild Wars 2 community ran by author Marcko. It offers a close knit community of people dedicated  to making gold on the trading post, with plenty of tips and tricks on how to do it.

  • Markco’s Crazy Thoughts - Gold making guide, flipping tips and videos by Markco.
  • Trading Post General - The best place for general gold making tips and tricks.
  • Crafting Disciplines - Discussion on how to make gold through the crafting professions.
  • Speculation - One of my favourite sections, explore extremely profitable markets(or not!)
  • Flipping - Everything you need to start flipping today.
  • Helpful Links - Links to great guides, tools and resources around the web.
  • Help I’m Stuck! - Ask questions and help one another - I’ll probably be there.
  • Want to Trade - Buy and Sell items from other forum members. (not really active)
  • Introductions - Introduce yourself to the community.
  • Off  Topic - Great posts from “what made you smile today” to “what got you down today”…
  • Suggestions - I’m sure you can guess what goes there.

You can find out more about the tpextractor forum here.



  1. So what do you think about it? How much gold have you made from this community?

    • Theres some great stuff in there, since it is a premium tool a lot of the members are dedicated to making gold on the trading post and are more likely to share helpful tips and tricks rather than just leach them. There hasn’t been anything yet that I have profited directly from through one of the forum posts but there has been a lot that has made my trading more efficient and effective.

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