Trade(r) Secrets: The “Set it & Forget it” method

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Its no secret that I have made a lot of my gold by flipping crafting materials in volume, specifically Chef Ingredients. However, I have never truly revealed the key techniques I use to guarantee a profitable return every time.

The “Set it & Forget it” method is one of these technique and I use it for markets which are either slow moving (low supply/demand) or have the tendency to quickly rise and fall in price. It isn’t exactly a “secret” technique but those new to the trading world may learn something new.

This method follows a very basic and memorable formula which rewards those who are happy to wait for their profit:

Lowest price + Time = Maximum Profit

The “lowest price” is the lowest buy point on the items weekly trading post graph, or if you want to play it a safer, a couple of copper more. To find the lowest point, search for the item on, scroll down to the price history graph and slowly move your cursor along the red line until you find the lowest point.

The “time” part of the formula is simply that, spending your time “forgetting” about the buy orders and continuing with your normal gold making activities.

With this method, you get the maximum profit by buying at the lowest possible price and then selling once all buy orders are fulfilled. This can net you an extra 10% - 20% profit compared to short term flipping!

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