The 30 second Flipping Guide

Welcome to The Black Lions 30 second flipping guide for Guild Wars 2, perfect for those either too lazy to read our full gw2 flipping guide or for those who just want the pure basic knowledge to get started.

  • Step One: Search for profitable items using the Gold Wars 2 trading post tool.
  • Step Two: Log in to your Guild Wars 2 account and visit the nearest Trading Post building.
  • Step Three: Search for your item and place buy orders at an appropriate price.
  • Step Four: Collect your fulfilled buy orders and use this trading post calculator to double check your profit.
  • Step Five: If they are still profitable, sell your items and repeat the process!

tldr: Use GW2 tools to find profitable items, buy them on the trading post for cheap and sell them at a profit. Simple.


  1. I feel that this may be a silly question but as I’ve ready the intro to flipping and the beginners guide to flipping and still am not sure what you mean by sell your items. Are you saying that one should relist their items as a listing or simply wait for the buy list price to rise and then fufill the lowest buyer with their stockpile. Or are both options just valid?

    • Not a silly question at all, when I say to sell an item I generally mean that it should be re-listed for sale on the Trading Post. The “term” flipping is pretty much just the buying of an item and selling it for a profit in the shortest period of time possible.

  2. Mr. Black Lion, what would you consider a minimum amount needed to start Flipping or even Salvaging for profit? I have around 3g now. Can I start small now? Or should I wait till I get more gold from doing dungeons, farming and such?
    Apologies if this is a stupid question.

    • For every 10 copper you have, there will always be a method to double it through flipping. I have not looked into salvaging for quite some time, so I would recommend that you do your own research and/or experimentation to verify if salvaging is still viable.

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