Daily Speculation #1


Day One: Potato

  • Weekly Graph: gw2tp.net
  • Lowest Buy: 15c
  • Highest Sell: 23c
  • Profit: 5c
  • Gain: 33%
  • Monthly Graph: gw2spidy
  • Lowest Buy: 15c
  • Highest Sell: 45c
  • Profit: 23c
  • Gain: 153%

Conclusion: Buy them whilst they are low, especially if the price drops under 15 copper each. It is unlikely that the sell price will rise back to 45 copper any time soon but 25 to 30 copper was the sweet spot in the January & February graphs.  I ignored the large spike in may as the market would need another economic influence to raise the potato price to that level again.

Investing in Potato should net you around a 50% return after Tax, more if you invest in bulk.



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  2. can u guys update more these kinds of information? it would be extremely helpful :)

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