June speculation 2013


June Speculation, 2013

Every so often, I hope to speculate on a small list of items that I feel have the ability to make a profit through long term investments, i.e speculation. These are generally items that I am currently investing in, and are almost always bought in volume.

  • Potato‘s are currently buying at 15 copper each, which is the lowest I have seen them in a very long time! Looking at the long term graphs on Gw2spidy and using some basic maths to calculate the average monthly sell price, there is a possible return of 60% if you later sold them at 28 copper each.
  • Egg‘s are also looking good at the moment with them currently selling at only 15 copper each, which is the lowest they have been in 2013! However, they have been influenced by event speculation and content patches in the past so it is hard to gauge an accurate average price for them. If I were to “guestimate” then I would hope that they would go for around 40 copper each, which is a return of 127%.
  • I have also been playing around with strawberries lately, buying them at 30 - 33 copper each and then waiting for them to jump back up in price for an easy 10-15% return on my investment. Not only are strawberries are delicious, but they are also profitable!

P.S, The premium trading post tool, Gold Wars 2 now offers a free one hour trial for every account registered! So if you have been putting off buying the tool, you now have an initial 60 minutes to check out the awesome features. (or check out some profitable items even if you decide not to buy it!)

P.P.S, Black Lions profit is interested in hearing from you! If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us here or here. :)


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  2. Check out butter. It was selling at 47c average (early June) and now it is currently 29c.
    Butter is actually very cheap, but something about 2013 shot the prices up.
    Not sure if it’s coming back down to normal or just a dip to take advantage of.

  3. I bought 100k eggs last night, at around 15c each… I’m such an idiot, I don’t know what I was thinking. Will the price go up?

    • Yes, I believe the price will go up.. in a couple of months.

      Hopefully you have plenty of bank space, I know I had to sell a few thousand potatoes at a loss when I bought 100k+ of them the other week due to space constraints.

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