Daily Speculation #2

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Day Two: Strawberry

  • Weekly Graph: gw2tp.net
  • Lowest Buy: 35c
  • Highest Sell: 49c
  • Profit: 7c
  • Gain: 20%
  • Monthly Graph: gw2spidy
  • Lowest Buy: 33c
  • Highest Sell: 56c
  • Profit: 14c
  • Gain: 42%

Conclusion: Buy them for anywhere between 30 - 42 copper and hold them until they begin to rise. According to previous months they sell for an average of 55 - 60 copper each so there is a potential for a decent return on your investment.

Investing in Strawberry should net you around a 40% - 55% return after Tax.

Note: These posts are written to help teach new trader’s on how to spot potential profit in a market and the basics of speculating on an item’s trading post graph. Always do your own research before investing.

One Comment

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