Website Update: Comment Problems. Again.


Website Update: Comments Problems. Again.

After doing some server side upgrades to the website (nothing noticeable), I have come across yet another error with the commenting system;

“You don’t have permission to access /wp-comments-post.php on this server. “

I have disabled the plugin that was causing the conflict but that is only a temporary solution.

- The Black Lion


I have completely replaced the conflicting plugin with an alternative and the commenting system should be back to normal, if you find any other problems with the website then please send an email to!



  1. I feel for you buddy. Have you looked into blogspot? I am using it for my blog and have yet to have any issues.

    • I have discovered a problem with one of my security plugins for the website, and I am currently in the process of fixing it.

      I did look at blogger/blogspot before but I have previous experience of using wordpress and to be honest, I prefer the customisability and the variety of plugins available to use.

  2. one last test.

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