21 March, 2013
by The Black Lion

The Fruit and Veg Investment

You may have noticed that I mention the Crafting Materials market a lot in my articles, guides and twitter. The truth is that I have been successfully trading these items for a very long time. I even earned my first one hundred gold after going through a period where at one point I had as many as one hundred thousand blueberries concurrently buying and selling on the Trading Post at any one time!

As I mentioned in the Flipping guide, it’s a great market for novice traders to start with as the items are often inexpensive, in demand and sell quickly for an easy profit.

I have recently noticed some interesting changes happening within the Ingredients market, where once competitively traded items are starting to fall below profitability and in some cases to an all time low. Onion and Carrot are two good examples of this, as they are very common ingredients which were actively traded for a one to two copper profit. However, they have now dropped in price and are currently hovering above the vendor price.

I have been asking around some of my contact in game, and they all have similar theories as to why these fluctuations are occurring.  The prominent argument is that the recent changes to the daily achievements are slowly saturating the market as players opt to complete the easiest tasks, which include the daily gatherer and masterwork crafter.

Now this post is part investment and part speculation, however It is in my opinion that these prices will not stay low for long. In that case I would suggest that anyone who has some spare bank space and has enough gold to cover the expense consider purchasing some of the items listed below.

Head of Garlic

Just an example of the sort of returns you could expect from items like these, Garlic can currently be bought in bulk for around 12 copper each, for the sake of simplicity lets say we buy ten thousand. This will cost us 12 gold to purchase and take up 40 slots in our bank or inventory.

Over the past three months, Garlic has sold for anywhere between 25 copper and 55 copper each, so taking the average that is 40 copper each. If, and I have to emphasize that if, the price rises again you are looking at an 183% return on your investment, with 22 gold in profit.

You probably weren’t using those slots in your bank anyway.

18 March, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Guild Wars 2 Flipping Guides

Guide Voting “officially” closed!

Last week we asked the Black Lions Profit community to vote in a poll deciding on what gold making guide they would like to see next. I am happy to announce that the voting is now officially closed and that with an amazing 190 votes there was a lot of competition!

With 32% of the votes, Flipping won in the end and I began work on the guide compiling my notes, drafting up rough copies and eventually fine tuning everything to perfection. The work went so well that I ended up with over 3000 characters of text and formatting!

I then had to split the guide into more manageable sections, creating three new guides covering nearly every aspect of flipping in Guild Wars 2!

Flipping Guide’s

I have spent a lot of work writing these guides with hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears going into each one. (well, it wasn’t my blood or tears but that’s irrelevant.) Simply click on each image below to view the guides.

Introduction to Flipping

Flipping for Beginners

Advanced Flipping

The Lions Share - Black Lions Profit

11 March, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Lions Share: March

Lions Share: March 2013

There’s big changes happening behind the scenes at Black Lions Profit, with lots of new plans and idea’s slowly being set in place to help create a more active, content driven website. Our aim is to release more unique, quality gold making guides over the next couple of months whilst also providing all the tips, tricks and advice you have come to expect from our Guild Wars 2 blog and twitter account.

We recently asked you to vote on what guide you wanted to see next, and whilst the voting still continues there are currently three guides competing for that top spot! The voting will end some time next week and you should expect to  see the winning guide a couple of days later.

Website Updates

What’s Changing?

  • Simplify the post categories for easier searching & browsing.
  • The “Lions Share” will now be a monthly post covering economy and community news.
  • Guild Wars 2 gold guide improved and updated.

What’s Coming?

  • At least one new gold guide every month.
  • Weekly post discussing Market Changes.
  • bi-weekly post tracking market prices/fluctuations.
  • The possibility of an opt in newsletter with exclusive gold making tips.
  • Competition to win two gw2tp.net 1x month subscriptions!
  • Something secret.
Ms Black Lions Profit

The Black Lions’ FAQ

I have had a lot of private messages from  new player’s this week, all looking for advice on flipping. I love to help people with these types of problems, but I am getting a lot of the same questions over and over again so I have compiled a quick little “F.A.Q” which will also be copied over to the “Contact us ingame” page.

What is Flipping?
Cool, what sort of stuff can I flip?
Thanks! How did you make your gold?
OK.. Is there anything you haven't made gold from?
What is your favourite market to flip in?
What Trading Post Website should I use?
What am I looking for?
What % should I aim for when flipping?



7 March, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Black Lions Profit wants you to vote!

we want you image

What guide would you like to see next?
or View Results

4 March, 2013
by The Black Lion
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gw2tp.net launches chrome search extension!

You have probably noticed that I am a quite a big fan of the gw2tp.net trading post tool, with it’s clean-cut graphs, innovative features and user friendly interface it is a great resource for making gold in Guild Wars 2. In my opinion, it is one of the best tools currently available and has a premium service that rivals Gold Wars 2.

The owner and I have been in regular contact since the website launched in January, and I am always impressed when he sends me his list of future features, most of which are pretty innovative! The latest in this line of additions is the gw2tp chrome extension which allows users to search the item database right from their search bar!

I’m pleased to release version 1 of GW2TP’s Chrome search extension! This extension allows users to quickly search for and navigate to a detailed view of an item. For more information and installation instructions, head over to the extension page.
The Lions Share - Black Lions Profit

27 February, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Lions Share: The Gathering Storm

Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm

The next addition to the popular Flame & Frost living story continues today as ArenaNet releases their latest guild wars 2 patch. With new daily achievements, Trading Post Preview options and some epic Guild Missions, millions of players are now hammering the game-servers as they download all the new content!

Unfortunately, a lot of players in the community are reporting disconnection errors (code= 7:11:3:189:101), which also appears to be affecting me. The Trading Post is also pretty much unresponsive, with pages failing to load and the transaction history coming up blank, so all of my buy orders have pretty much been put on hold until tomorrow.

However, that won’t stop me speculating on today’s patch notes for some awesome gold making opportunities!

Black Peppercorns no longer drop from Mature Herb and Verdant Herb nodes.
Increased the drop rate of Passion Flowers from Passiflora Vines.
Fixed a number of Mystic Forge recipes that had a chance of returning nothing.
Increased the drop rate of exotics in the profession gear boxes sold by laurel vendors.
Added the Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover.


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We have added the guildwars2tradingpost.com blog to our list of Trading Post tools, offering some brilliant gold making tips and basic advice pretty much every day! You should also consider checking out the private gold making community at TPextractor.org, a forum which is full of some great gold making discussion and speculation!