14 April, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Gold Wars 2 Overview (Premium)

GoldWars2 is a premium only tool offering an extremely user friendly experience for finding profitable items fast and efficiently so that you can go on and make “buckets of easy gold”. If you can afford to spare $5 a month, then this is the place to spend it.


  • Search and Filtering form for item searches.
  • Advanced Search Filtering for quickly finding specific items and niches.
  • Prices updated in less than 50 seconds and refreshed every 15 minutes.
  • Profit calculation on all items - See it, search it, invest with it. (example)
  • Easy to use calculator to work out Trading Post fees. (uses tpcalc.com)
  • Ability to save items to custom lists allowing for fast and easy browsing at the click of a button. (example)
  • Saved Searches - Save whole search results to a search list and save even more time.
  • Supply and Demand Legends for when an item  has demand > supply. (and vice versa)
  • Personal Tracker to watch your trading post investments (example)
  • Mobile site - Easily access the tool from your internet connected smartphone.
  • Community News - Syndicated content from over 18 fan sites including blacklionsprofit.com!

You can sign up for an account and pay for premium access here.

14 April, 2013
by The Black Lion

gw2tp.net overview (Free/Premium)

The gw2tp.net tool is for the most part free, with the opportunity to pay a minimal monthly fee to cover the websites operating costs and access special premium features. Definitely give it a try!


  • Basic search and filtering form for item searches.
  • Prices refreshed every 10 minutes.
  • User friendly trading post graphs.
  • Flip profit automatically calculated on all items.
  • Large list of flippable items.
  • Easy to use Calculator for working out Trading Post fees.
  • Guild Wars 2 player submitted guide archive.
  • Ability to create a personal watch list of 100 items.
  • Ability to track items and profit in an innovative transaction log. (lasts for 2 weeks)
  • JSON API for basic, external data querying.
  • Chrome extension for searching directly through your google web browser.


  • Advanced Search form and filtering for item searches.
  • Flip Profit and Percentage return columns on all item pages tables. (example)
  • Supply and Demand Legends - Easily identify items that are high in demand or supply.
  • Search Saving - Search once and save, never have to do it again!
  • Ability to create unlimited watch lists with as many items as you like.
  • Ability to tracks items and profit in an innovative transaction log for longer. (3 months)


14 April, 2013
by The Black Lion

Question: Advancing to Bulk Flipping

Note: this question was originally posted on the private tpextractor forum (premium access) and I have only included my reply as the answer. It’s a great community with lots friendly help and tips so be sure to check them out! 


I’m having a bit of a problem moving into the bulk trading market because I keep hearing everyone talk about blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. but when I check the TP, it’s not profitable? The buy orders might be like 40c, 41c, 42c, and the sell orders are like 49c, 50c, 51c. Do you guys not undercut and overcut and just place those orders just before the wall or am I doing it wrong?


I make a lot of my gold through the buying and selling of Crafting Materials in bulk so writing up a quick miniguide won’t be hard, all you really need is some start gold, access to some trading post tools and a little bit of common sense!

First of all, when you are trading in a large volume (bulk), you should not be looking at the current buy and sell price but at what these prices have hit over the previous week. For this example we will be using Blackberries.

If you look at this weeks graph you will see that the buy orders (red line) is currently at a “high” of 70 Copper each. Whereas a couple of hours before they were selling at a “low” price of 65 copper each. (the lowest for that week)

Then we look at the sell price (blue line) and the first thing you will notice is that it is very “busy”, with the price constantly dropping and rising. By slowly dragging your cursor along the graph (left to right) you can easily find the week’s highest, lowest and average sell price in a matter of seconds. Doing this I can see that the highest it has sold for is 86 copper, the lowest is 66 copper and an estimate of the average is around 81 copper.

Next, we need to check if this item is profitable! Go to gw2tp.net and use the drop down calculator by clicking the “calculator” link at the top of the screen.

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31 March, 2013
by The Black Lion

Did you follow our Veg investment tip?

Approximately one week ago I posted an article entitled “The Fruit and Veg Investment“. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, the post simply speculated on the recent price changes occurring within the Ingredients market, including some investment suggestions for anyone interested in trying the markets out. After the recent update to Guild Wars 2, all of these items (and some related markets) have began to rise as a fresh wave of players rejoin the game to play the new content and unique storyline.

However, the question is, did you invest? If not, then why?

Just check out my Transaction Log below (a brilliant new feature on gw2tp.net!) and just have a nice long look at that profit! If your’e interested in finding more tips like this (aside from my blog of course) you should definitely check out the thriving forum over at TP Extractor and if you haven’t already done so, follow the frequent tips posted over at guildwars2tradingpost.com as well!


Obviously the quantity I have purchased these ingredients in is probably out of reach for a lot of people reading the blacklionsprofit blog (or too crazy an investment) and I know i’ll probably get undercut a lot before selling even half of this but hey.. 213 gold profit for doing nothing for a week? yes please.

29 March, 2013
by The Black Lion

Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Guild Wars 2 premium tool competition, it is now closed. The winners are as follows:-

Silver Premium Subscription - Best Tip!

  • Travixx

Who commented on our blog with a brilliant gold making tip for maximising your profitability by targetting the weekend players. Travixx will receive a three month subscription to the gw2tp tool.

I’ve been following your site for a couple months now and it has definitely improved my knowledge and efficiency. My gold making tip is for traders to plan for the weekend players. Timing your buys and sells to coincide with peak supply and demand in your market can squeeze out a bit more coin.

Copper Premium Subscription - Random Winners!

  • Joshua

Commented on our blog for a chance to win one of the one month subscriptions, number nine on the list of entrants and successfully chosen randomly by random.org!

  • @RawrandDee

Entered the competition through Twitter, submitting a gold making tip. Number five on the list of entrants and successfully chosen randomly by random.org!

I will be contacting each winner individually with information on how they can receive their prizes.

22 March, 2013
by The Black Lion

Guild Wars 2 Premium Tool Competition

If you are reading the articles on our website then chances are that you are probably interested in making some gold on the Guild Wars 2 trading post, which is brilliant as without you our website wouldn’t exist!

To aid in your day to day flipping, we have teamed up with the talented developers over at gw2tp.net to offer our readers the opportunity to win some premium subscriptions to the brilliant gw2tp trading post tool. The premium service offers access to an amazing range of features which will allow you to quickly and efficiently find items and markets to make you millions* of gold in Guild Wars 2. These include:-

  • Advanced Search options. Bend the trading post to your will with access to a huge range of search parameters which allows you to sort items by flip profit, sell count, percentage return and a whole lot more!
  • Unlimited Item lists. Create personal flipping lists full of items and markets to help identify profitable markets and keep a close eye on those price changes.
  • Flip Profit & Percentage (%) Return on all item tables.  Seriously, the premium subscription is worth it just for this feature. The ability to sort all items by it’s return AND percentage will enable you to effectively find profitable markets in seconds.
  • Transactions. This is brilliantIf you have attempted to use the “My Transactions” function on the Trading Post then you will probably know just how terrible it actually is. Trying to remember how much you paid for that sword last week after buying thousands of other items? Good luck slowly clicking through hundreds of pages!
  • Saved Searches. Search one and save it forever. No more need to re-enter all of your search parameters each time for a particular search.

The Competition

It’s very easy to enter our competition, all that is required from you is one gold making tip (optional) and a valid, working email address which will be used as your login username at gw2tp.net! There are three opportunities to win, with the three month subscription going to the entrant with the best gold making tip and two one month subscriptions being randomly awarded to everyone else who has entered!

How to Enter:

  • Share a gold making tip with the community by commenting on this article, be sure to enter your email address into the proper comments section, don’t worry we wont use it for anything else!
  • Alternatively, follow us on twitter and send a tweet to @lions_profit with your gold making tip. Please also include either a #gw2 or #guildwars2 hashtag!


  • 1x Silver Premium subscription for the gw2tp.net trading post tool. (3 months)
  • 2x Copper Premium subscriptions to the gw2tp.net trading post tool. (1 month each)


  • Friday, March 29, 2013.

* Yes, millions of gold! You have to aim big if you want to be successful in the world of economics.