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The Lions Share: The Hunter


It has been a busy week for in Lions Arch, whilst I can usually play the trading post in relative peace I was constantly interrupted on Friday by hundreds of players blabbering on about giant crabs attacking Lions Arch. Requesting my assistance, screaming for revives and also trying to sell me some overpriced sun cream. The day then descended into a torrent of lag, invisible players and disconnections.

In this weeks “The Lions Share” we discuss from ArenaNet’s latest content patch, The Lost Shore and more importantly how we plan to profit from it.

The Lost Shores: arthropods from out of space! (not really)

On November 16, ArenaNet released new content for Guild Wars 2, introducing a one-time world event culminating over three days.

The first two events kicked off on Friday and Saturday afternoon with a battalion of giant crustaceans  invading Lions Arch. However the events proved to be particularly problematic. With many players complaining of crippling lag, unresponsive skills and invisible mobs. rumour spread that mapping out of Lions arch and back in would fix the problem, however many found themselves on overflow servers facing the same problems or so behind that they had no chance of winning the event. The problems persisted through to Saturday with some servers events starting up to 45 minutes late.

However,we cant be too negative. The ArenaNet devs were quick to resolve player problems, crunching bugs and optimising code behind the scenes. Players also showed a lot of support on the official forums, quelling the trolls and assuring the trial members that the game was much better than the Lost Shore event portrayed.

I felt like there was a real sense of camaraderie among the players, despite the plague of crippling technical issues it seemed like a lot of people were having fun battling the waves of Karka. Whilst many claim that there was too many waves to contend with, I felt it contributed towards a sense of terror and dread, would be stop them before they destroyed Lions Arch?

The finale was significantly smoother, although there was still a lot of disconnections and missing skills plaguing some players and with the battle lasting over two hours many people had to leave due to time constraints, subsequently missing out on the rewards chest at the end.

With the “Brain Bug” defeated a magical chest appeared and  players were rewarded with a range of exotic weapons and armour. Each player was also rewarded a 20 slot bag . Among the drops was a number of precursors, the rare weapons required for crafting legendary weapons.

The Aftermath: Volatile market? - Risky Investments.

Trading Post graph for "The Hunter" in Guild Wars 2

Investing in this market was a large risk, without knowing how many weapons had been added to the game I had no basis for what price to expect in couple of months. I considered the market volatile, with the possibility of ArenaNet dropping more precursors in future events, the price could move unpredictably over night if proper attention was not taken. Adventurous traders would either be extremely profitable or lose a fair chunk of gold in expenses and fees.

I have always been a firm believer in the phrase, “if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is”. However, since I am also known to take risks in my investment’s I decided to invest anyway. Please note: I have no rich relatives, have not won the lottery and I do not currently need the benefits of cheap Viagra.

After some quick research, fearing I was against the clock to get a cheap precursor ( I wasn’t, lesson learned) I decided to purchase “The Hunter“, Used to craft the legendary predator rifle. Before, The Hunter had previously been trading at a pretty stable 300 gold on average, a good sign if you ask me.

At the time of purchase, the The Hunter was currently listed at 170 gold - past my comfortable budget. However, buy orders had been pushed down to just 90 gold each. After listing my buy order for 90 gold, 77 silver and 77 copper (apparently 7 is the magical sales number..) I spent a couple of hours of waiting anticipating my order to be fulfilled. After checking up on the trading post I found I had been undercut by two other buyers, just as I was about to seek retribution,  a rifle was listed on the trading post for 125 gold.

I bit, I was now the owner of the brand new rifle, The Hunter. A very useful item for a Mesmer..

Time will only tell if this investment will pay off, it is certainly one of the riskiest investments so far in my guild wars 2 career. You can check out the latest price Here, I will be sure to update with a new post once I have sold the gun for a profit.

The Lions Share is a regular post dedicated to revealing the best Guild Wars 2 gold making strategies, tips and trick’s. We share our knowledge with the BlackLionsProfit community to promote and encourage a more competitive market in guild wars 2. This is an updated version of an older post previously hosted on my personal blog.

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