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Lions Share: March

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Lions Share: March 2013

There’s big changes happening behind the scenes at Black Lions Profit, with lots of new plans and idea’s slowly being set in place to help create a more active, content driven website. Our aim is to release more unique, quality gold making guides over the next couple of months whilst also providing all the tips, tricks and advice you have come to expect from our Guild Wars 2 blog and twitter account.

We recently asked you to vote on what guide you wanted to see next, and whilst the voting still continues there are currently three guides competing for that top spot! The voting will end some time next week and you should expect to  see the winning guide a couple of days later.

Website Updates

What’s Changing?

  • Simplify the post categories for easier searching & browsing.
  • The “Lions Share” will now be a monthly post covering economy and community news.
  • Guild Wars 2 gold guide improved and updated.

What’s Coming?

  • At least one new gold guide every month.
  • Weekly post discussing Market Changes.
  • bi-weekly post tracking market prices/fluctuations.
  • The possibility of an opt in newsletter with exclusive gold making tips.
  • Competition to win two 1x month subscriptions!
  • Something secret.
Ms Black Lions Profit

The Black Lions’ FAQ

I have had a lot of private messages from  new player’s this week, all looking for advice on flipping. I love to help people with these types of problems, but I am getting a lot of the same questions over and over again so I have compiled a quick little “F.A.Q” which will also be copied over to the “Contact us ingame” page.

What is Flipping?
Cool, what sort of stuff can I flip?
Thanks! How did you make your gold?
OK.. Is there anything you haven't made gold from?
What is your favourite market to flip in?
What Trading Post Website should I use?
What am I looking for?
What % should I aim for when flipping?



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