continues to diversify with Android Notification feature.


Premium users can now “subscribe” to items for certain conditions and receive notifications on their Android devices when those conditions are met. Such conditions include “buy price is less than 50 copper” or “sell count is greater than or equal 1700″ and can be mixed and matched. Every 10 minutes when the site’s data is refreshed, if any of your conditions become valid, you will receive an notification on all of your activated Android devices. This feature is still in it’s early stages and I will be monitoring it closely to see how it performs.

Head over to the Adding a device page to get started with that.

I have also made a handful of other changes around the site, these include:

  • Highlight-able rows on almost every table, for your convenience when alt-tabbing to and from the game.
  • Action buttons (watch, add to transation log and notify) added to item overview pages.
  • Renamed the ‘Site’ link to ‘More’ and moved the ‘Guides’ link under the ‘More’ category.

Lastly, I am looking for a few budding gamers with decent writing skills who would be interested in writing documentation for the site. This would be including how to use the site for new users and explaining basic concepts such as demand / supply, how the trading tax is calculated etc..

There may be some monetary reward or equal GW2TP premium subscription for compensation ;-). If you’re interested, feel free to email me on gw2tpnet[at]gmail[dot]com.

I’m pretty excited to see how this update pans out! We’re trying to push the boundaries of gold making, not sitting around crying about the competition (unlike some people). Just a few more reasons why we’re better than other premium gold making tools!

Brilliant, need I say more?

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