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Lions Share: An eggcellent week

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It’s been a slow week for me in Guild Wars 2, with some item’s slowly becoming less efficient as more player’s enter the market and competitively undercut and overbid my prices. Luckily, I have a new premium account at so I have access to some great advanced search tools & unlimited watch lists. (Gold Wars 2 still has a lot more features.) So finding new item’s to flip or invest has been extremely easy.

In this week’s Lions Share I have an eggcellent flipping tip, an update on the gold guide‘s progress and a brilliant gold making strategy involving a dungeon, lot’s of fire and some running back and forward.

Gold Guide Update

I have done a lot of work to the gold guide this week, with changes to the styling, grammatical fixes and most importantly, new content. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the gold guide, then I would love to hear about it. Just give us a reply below or if you have something more personal, you can always send me an email at

The next goal is to complete the “Basic Techniques” section, and also finishing the draft for the “Getting Started” section. I have am half way through a week’s holiday, so I should be able to find some time in my busy sleeping schedule to get the work done.

An Eggcellent flipping tip

If you are following us on Twitter then you will have seen the tip I shared about flipping egg’s. They are still going great so if you haven’t already tried them, why not?

In other news, Superior Runes are growing into a very competitive market, so much so that I am constantly finding my order’s undercut minutes after placing them! However, with some runes trading for 5 - 30 silver profit each, it is a very hard market to ignore.

I have also been playing with the Guild Wars 2 equivalent of a slot machine, the Mystic Forge. Over 600 rare hammers, longbows & shields have been sacrificed to the imprisoned djinn, but so far, the best I have been rewarded with was a “Magmaton” - which was on my second attempt.. I’m pretty sure it’s rigged.

Citadel of Flame Speed Running

This week, we have a video by youtube user TyoneFenton sharing one of his gold making strategies, involving a Dungeon, fierce, fiery men and gold, lots and lots of gold. Check it out below and be sure to like & subscribe to the author if you enjoy the video!

P.S. The real reason to run Citadel of Flames! 


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