Daily Speculation: #3


Day Three: Large Skull

  • Weekly Graph: gw2tp.net
  • Lowest Buy: 2s 75c
  • Highest Sell: 4s 45c
  • Profit: 1s 3c
  • Gain: 37%
  • Monthly Graph: gw2spidy
  • Lowest Buy: 2s 54c
  • Highest Sell: 4s 65c
  • Profit: 1s 41c
  • Gain: 56%

Conclusion: Large Skulls are one of those niche items that can be invested in every month in return for a potential 30% to 50% return on your investment. I usually aim to buy them for anywhere between 2 to 3 silver each and hold them until they are selling for around 4 silver 50 copper to 4 silver 75 copper.

Note: These posts are written to help teach new trader’s on how to spot potential profit in a market and the basics of speculating on an item’s trading post graph. Always do your own research before investing.


  1. Also keep an eye out for glob of ectoplasm. Notice the trend.

    • The problem with ectoplasm is that you are investing a large amount of gold into something that could give you a decent 10% - 20% return but may take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. If you bought at 20 silver each, then sold at 28 silver each two weeks laters you would earn yourself 3 silver 76 copper for one glob of ectoplasm.

      However, if you had taken that 20 silver investment and flipped it daily on low cost, semi profitable items then you could have easily made a much larger return over those 14 days than you would investing in that one glob of ectoplasm.

      Obviously.. if you don’t play a lot of Guild Wars 2 or have too much gold that it is a chore to find enough good items to flip daily, then that’s where the long term investments come in there shining glory. (speculation is a large part of long term investments.)

      Still.. Ecto is a great suggestion for people to speculate on - just listen to my advice above and form your own opinion, after all, I never have and never will say that I am always right about these things.

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  3. Damnit.. way to ruin one of my favourite markets!

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