50x Southsun Supply Crates Opened: Results


please note, these results were originally posted to Reddit under the_black_lion‘s account.

I have not had a lot of opportunity to log in to Guild Wars 2 and make bucket loads of gold lately, so after seeing the new chests included in the latest patch I decided to treat myself with some experimentation, purchasing 50 of them.

Costing approximately 220 gold for the 6000 gems required, it’s a fair chunk of money and does take a big bite out of last month’s profits. However, It’s not like the gold has much use beyond shiny weapons and flashy effects. (and for generating more gold through flipping)

After quickly opening the boxes, and linking the item’s for the few interested denizens of Lions Arch I was left with the following rewards:-

So.. was it worthwhile buying 50 Southsun supply crates for 220 gold?


P.S. If you are holding on to large quantities of Passion Fruit, Flowers or Karka Shells then I advise you to sell them now before they fall any lower. Additionally, you can wait for the “patch excitement” to pass and buy them up for a long term investment!


  1. Is it a good thing to make a long term investment with Karka Shells ?

    • I won’t personally invest in them, but I will never tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do.

      The thing with long term investments is that they are hard to predict and the gold invested could easily be used to generate the same return in a shorter period of time through daily flipping and short-med term investments.

      I only recommend investing in long term investments when you have too much gold to spread over your flipping portfolio and need alternative methods of profit to continuously earn a return from your gold.

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