The Fruit and Veg Investment


You may have noticed that I mention the Crafting Materials market a lot in my articles, guides and twitter. The truth is that I have been successfully trading these items for a very long time. I even earned my first one hundred gold after going through a period where at one point I had as many as one hundred thousand blueberries concurrently buying and selling on the Trading Post at any one time!

As I mentioned in the Flipping guide, it’s a great market for novice traders to start with as the items are often inexpensive, in demand and sell quickly for an easy profit.

I have recently noticed some interesting changes happening within the Ingredients market, where once competitively traded items are starting to fall below profitability and in some cases to an all time low. Onion and Carrot are two good examples of this, as they are very common ingredients which were actively traded for a one to two copper profit. However, they have now dropped in price and are currently hovering above the vendor price.

I have been asking around some of my contact in game, and they all have similar theories as to why these fluctuations are occurring.  The prominent argument is that the recent changes to the daily achievements are slowly saturating the market as players opt to complete the easiest tasks, which include the daily gatherer and masterwork crafter.

Now this post is part investment and part speculation, however It is in my opinion that these prices will not stay low for long. In that case I would suggest that anyone who has some spare bank space and has enough gold to cover the expense consider purchasing some of the items listed below.

Head of Garlic

Just an example of the sort of returns you could expect from items like these, Garlic can currently be bought in bulk for around 12 copper each, for the sake of simplicity lets say we buy ten thousand. This will cost us 12 gold to purchase and take up 40 slots in our bank or inventory.

Over the past three months, Garlic has sold for anywhere between 25 copper and 55 copper each, so taking the average that is 40 copper each. If, and I have to emphasize that if, the price rises again you are looking at an 183% return on your investment, with 22 gold in profit.

You probably weren’t using those slots in your bank anyway.


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