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Stalking Guild Wars 2 Developers for gold!


It’s a dark, rainy night in Seattle and Jon Peters is walking home from a hard days work at the ArenaNet offices. Low on energy from a lack of coffee and spending several hours coding new content he decides to cut down a dimly lit side alley. squeezing past a row of overflowing trash cans he hears footsteps approaching from behind, briefly glancing back he notices a bulky shadow sink back into the darkness. Tired and wet, he continues along the alley unaware of the ragged breathing and heavy shuffling slowly following.

Feeling insecure and starting to think the short cut was a bad idea, he increases his pace to a light jog and heads towards the end of the alleyway. A clatter of soda cans emanates from behind him as someone struggles to follow. Launching into a sprint Jon tears across the busy Seattle street narrowly avoiding being knocked down by a passing taxi.

throwing himself through his apartment door and frantically turning the lock, sinking to the floor as a heavy thud vibrates through the door. Deep scratching emits from behind him as a pitiful voice stutters through the wood, “Jon.. what’s in the next patch..? Please… I need gold for my legendary..”

Did that grab your attention? Good.

Other Guild Wars 2 websites will simply tell you to “frequently check the trading post graphs and buy when prices are low and sell when price are high!“. Well, yes that’s common sense and BlackLionsProfit knows that you aren’t stupid. If you haven’t already noticed, today’s post is about stalking the Guild Wars 2 developers for gold and how you can utilise these skills to research item’s that can be invested in for a future profit.

This method is part of our ongoing  Gold Guide, The comprehensive guide for making gold in Guild Wars 2. Provided for free to the Black Lions Profit community in an effort to promote a more diverse and competitive economy in Guild Wars 2. So grab your trench coats, dig out your fake moustache and follow me as we begin our journey into the world of stalking.

You can find the guide here.

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