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Giant Eyes: A missed oppertunity


Giant Eyes was always one of those random items that you picked up on your travels through Tyria, with no clue what it was for but selling on the trading post for a decent 1 silver. A rare drop, handy for when you need an extra bit of coin for that next way point. We believed that it was a useless item, and it was.

That was until ArenaNet released a new patch for Guild Wars 2, fixing bugs, tweaking classes and adding improvement to the camera. However, the patch notes also revealed a new addition to the game, something that would make a few lucky people very rich.

  • “Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Immobulus requiring a defunct item. It now requires giant eyes instead”

The announcement that an undiscovered recipe had previously required a defunct item spread like wildfire, Giant Eyes were catapulted into the spotlight as players raced to be the first to discover the Immobulus recipe. Two hours later and Giant Eyes had already risen by seven silver.

Meanwhile, The Great Giganto, occupied with exploring the world, well on his way to level 80 was oblivious to the turmoil affecting the Trading Post. Five weeks after release and I had already built up a solid stack of gold, capitalising on the fast turnover that could be found in the ingredients market. My main line of profit was onions, and I soon given the nickname of the onion man in my guild.

Three days later and Giant Eye’s had increased to 26 silver, After returning home from work I logged in to find my guild abuzz with excitement. A member had stumbled upon a post a post sharing the Immobulus recipe and previewing the skin. Interested, I had a look and was surprised to see Giant Eyes listed. After checking out the graph I was disappointed to see that I had missed out such a profitable opportunity. You win some and you lose some, you can also wreck some - more on that another time.

After playing a lot of MMORPG’s, I have always found myself drawn into politics or economics. Guild Wars 2 was no different and missing out on the Giant Eyes furthered my intrigue. After growing bored of the stale World versus World game play, economics won over politics and my adventure into the world of flipping, investing and speculation had started again. It was also the beginning of a series of events that led me to creating the Black Lions profit website, a place I hope we can build a community to help create and further a competitive and fair marketplace in Guild Wars 2.

The great giganto, the lonely onion man who missed out on Giant Eyes.

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The Lions Share is a regular post dedicated to revealing the best Guild Wars 2 gold making strategies, tips and trick’s. We share our knowledge with the BlackLionsProfit community to promote and encourage a more competitive market in guild wars 2. This is an updated version of an older post previously hosted on my personal blog.

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