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Guild Wars 2 Price Watch: Armored Scale

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Anyone who has visited the frozen lakes of Frostgorge Sound will have no double noticed the influx of player’s battling the fierce barracuda over the last couple months. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these are in fact botter’s - Character’s using scripts to perform automated actions instead of, you know, playing the actual game. These players fight in the murky depths in an effort to remain undetected from the suspicions of passing adventurers and the watchful eyes of the ban hammer wielding game masters.

Barracuda represent a touch challenge for most, with multiple creatures spawning into the fight as  the battles progresses. It is very easy to be overwhelmed if you are ill prepared. However, scripting has made many advances during the past couple of years and it is now very easy for a script to automatically detect low health, record debuffs and heal when required. The main purpose for these illicit activities is usually in the pursuit of gold - real world traders, account hijackers and sadly, lazy players.

Fighting the barracuda is challenging prospect for most, with multiple fish being spawned as the battle progresses you can easily be overwhelmed if ill prepared. However, since a script can automatically detect when the health bar is low, healing during combat is easily achieved through a couple lines of code. Barracuda also have a good chance of dropping Armored scale, an expensive tier 6 component used in the crafting of legendary weapons.

However, as today’s Price Watch post shows, “piggybacking” onto the items that are being farmed (subsequently lowering their value) is a good way of investing your gold long term into an item that has great potential for profit. The reason for this is as follows, Botting is bad for business and bad business costs you money.

  1. Real World Traders tend to use credit cards that have been illegally obtained to create new accounts and characters to farm gold, these transactions cost ArenaNet time and money in fine’s, legalities and charge backs.
  2. ArenaNet offer’s the game subscription free, to maintain their powerful severs and pay for staff wages, benefits and business costs they require an active income beyond the initial account licensing. They do this through their in game cash shop, the Black Lions Trading Post. - with competition from gold seller’s, Arenanet loses out on potential customers as player’s are drawn to the cheaper prices offered through real world trading.

Fortunately, ArenaNet are proving more than capable in dealing with these problems and have taken several measures to reduce the impact of both real world trading and botting. Alongside permanent bans for countless offender’s, there also additional fixes being introduced into every patch, tweaking the game to discourage and reduce the effects of botting on the economy. Such as the fix posted on the official forums below:

Jeffrey Vaughn - Barracuda drops bug fix
However, in the meantime..
Armored Scales have dropped in price. A lot.
Armored Scale graph - Guild Wars 2The best price I have seen for Armored Scales sell for over the last couple of weeks have been 4 silver each with buy orders; and with thousands being sold on the trading post every day, orders are fulfilled quickly. According to the Trading Post Calculator if you buy an Armored Scale for 4 silver then you must resell the item for 4 silver 72 copper to achieve a profit. You could do this flip overnight and make some decent gold as well, however this post is focusing on long term investing.

With ArenaNet actively hunting botters as well as patching in fixes to monsters being abused it is very likely that the price of Armored Scale will rise sometime in the future, preferably after a mass banwave as it would effectively cut the supply to the market and allow for prices to fluctuate as the economy settles.

I forsee the price rising to at least 9 Silver & 80 Copper, a potential 44.2% rise in profits for very little effort.

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