Introduction to Flipping

Introduction to flipping

Flipping is the “bread and butter” technique for making gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. Not only is it the fastest way to turn a profit but it is also one of  the easiest. In this guide I will answer several questions about flipping and share with you the basic knowledge required to successfully get started in the competitive trading post scene in Guild Wars 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flipping?

  • Flipping is a gold making strategy on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post in which you buy an item through a buy order and then quickly resell (or “flip”) it for a profit.

What can be flipped?

  • Anything that can be bought and sold on the Trading Post can be flipped, the only items that cannot be sold are items that are account or soul bound.
  • I recommend new traders start in either the dye market or ingredients market, as they allow for a fast turnover with inexpensive costs and relatively safe profit.

Is there any risk?

  • There is always a risk of losing money on the Trading Post, however flipping is one of the safer gold  making methods and with the regular use of the great Trading Post tools, Guides and market tips available you will probably struggle to lose your gold.

Is Flipping hard?

  • Not at all, I would argue that it is the easiest method available for making gold in Guild Wars 2. However I agree that it can be challenging for players who are new to MMORPG economics. The new terminology, graphs and number crunching can be intimidating to begin with but there is a wealth of information available on the internet and you will soon find that there really isn’t much of a learning curve, it’s mostly common sense!
  • Check out our  gw2 blog and follow us on Twitter for some brilliant guides, economy news & gold making tips!

What should I buy and sell?

  • This is something you need to ask yourself every single time you open the Trading Post. As you experiment in new markets and gain more experience you will slowly build a small list of dedicated items that you will constantly buy and sell. These are your niche markets and you should guard them with your life.

What is a good return (%) for flipping?

  • Anywhere between 10% - 20% is a good return to aim for.

Are there any tools for the Trading Post?

Is there a step to step guide to flipping somewhere?

  • Yes, of course! You can read it here.


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