Salvaging for Profit in Guild Wars 2

 Salvaging for Profit in Guild Wars 2

Salvage Kits

Most of these salvage kits can be bought from merchant vendors scattered around Tyria. The closer you can find them next to a bank or Trading Post the better.

TypeCostUsesChance of Rarer MaterialsChance of recovering upgrades
Fine2s 88c2515%40%
Master's15s 36c2525%80%
Mystic250 gems + 26s 24c25025%80%
Black Lion300 gems2550%100%

Mystic Salvage Kit recipe

Guild Wars 2 mystic salvage kit recipe The mystic salvage kit allows players to save room in their inventory by providing 250 uses for a single kit. It is crafted using the Mystic Forge located in  the Lion’s Arch Mystic Plaza or within the Heart of the Mists.  The Crafting recipes requires three salvage kits, coming to a total of  26 silver and 24 copper and 3 Mystic Forge Stones which can be purchased from  the Black Lions Gem Store for either 250 gems for 5 or 450 gems for 10. Basically, If a gem costs more than 28 copper(2g 83s 2c per 100 gems) then you should use master salvage kits instead.

Black Lion Salvage Kit

Black Lion salvage Kit for Guild Wars 2 The Black Lion Salvage Kit is great for salvaging high level armours and weapons for ectoplasm. I am not suggesting that you spend money buying these from the Trading Post as that would be counter productive. You do however have the oppertunity of receiving these salvage kits from reward chests, daily achievements and completing quest’s in your personal story line!

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is salvaging?

ASalvaging is the process of obtaining crafting materials or upgrade components from items through the use of salvage kits.

Q What is the best salvage kit?

A It depends on what you are salvaging really, I personally use mystic forge kits for ectoplasm and high tier armour. However, if I am salvaging an item such as Rags I use basic salvage kits to keep costs down.

Q What are some good items to salvage?

A Scroll down and read/watch everything below to find that out!

Q Should I salvage my legendary weapon?

A yes, of course! I recommend using a Crude Salvage kit for the best results.*

* Don’t salvage your legendary weapon, I was being sarcastic.


I will admit that I do not do a lot of ectoplasm salvaging, preferring to stick to my niche markets where there is a lot less competition and much more guaranteed profit. However, I have provided a brilliant video below showing you one of the methods you can use to make profit from ectoplasm!

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Discarded Garments & Rags

Discarded Garments and Rags are two great items to salvage for profit in Guild Wars 2 and can be bought for  a relatively cheap 48 - 53 copper each from the Trading post. You can also farm them from player’s in World vs World or go hunting for some Quaggans, Trolls or Krait’s in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Both items salvage for 1 - 3 Silk Scraps, and also have a chance of salvaging for the rarer Gossamer Scrap.

To minimise costs and maximise profit’s, you should always use the “Basic Salvage kits” for 88 copper which grants you a 10% chance of salvaging Gossamer Scrap. The extra 5% rarity chance the Fine salvage kit provides is not worth the extra two silver.

This method involves A LOT of clicking, patience (find some good movies to watch in split screen) and for the Gossamer Scrap price to be above roughly 3 Silver & 80 Copper, and the Silk Scrap price ideally being above 12 Copper each.

The basic math goes a lot like this:-

Math for salvaging 250 rags at minimal prices.


  • 250 Rag, 50c each = 1g 25s
  • 10 basic salvage kits, 88c each = 8s 80c
  • Total = 1g 33s 80c


  • 30 Gossamer Scrap, 3s 80c each = 96s 90c
  • 364 silk scraps, 13c each = 40s 22c
  • Total = 1g 37s 12c

profit = 3 silver & 32 copper

Not a lot of profit for all that clicking? check out the case study below!

Case Study: Wintersday

Wintersday was a very profitable event for me, bringing in hundreds of gold over the course of two weeks. Whilst many people were frantically undercutting each other within the competitive flipping markets, I was casually logging in for two hours a day, sitting myself in front of the salvage kit merchant and salvaging thousands of Discarded Garments and Rags every day. I even had the time to record my buy orders, transactions and profit for the 9 days I spent on this method, although the profit started to drop near the end of the event it was still a very easy source of gold, You can check out my journal recording the profits here!

As you can see, this method was VERY profitable during the Wintersday event due to the new crafting recipes increasing the price of Gossamer Scrap and Silk!

What else can be salvaged for a profit?

Whilst I have listed the top two items you can salvage for profit above, the following can, at times, also be salvaged for gold.

  • Rich Clump of Ore
  • Valuable Metal Scrap
  • Soiled Rag
  • Ragged Garment
  • Frayed Garment
  • Frayed Rag
  • Loaded Clump of Ore
  • Metal Scrap
This technique is part of our Guild Wars 2 gold guide!


  1. Hi there, just wanted to mention another tool I’ve made that helps you salvage stuff for gold. It is a spreadsheet that downloads TP prices and crunches numbers for you.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested:

    [Link Removed: Website is offline.] - Admin.

    Good luck making gold everyone ;)

  2. Hi logain i have used yuor excel spreadsheet and it’s pretty well done, grats ! ands thanks

  3. It seems the method in the video is no longer profitable (or cost effective for obtaining ectos; cheaper to just buy them off the market) due to the increased value of inscription materials and decreased value of ectoplasms.

  4. hi when salvaging rags how much more gossamer do you get using basic over crude

  5. Great posts, thanks for sharing with the community!

  6. you forgot to include the cut the trading post takes. For example, while you can sell them for 1g37s12c, you actully only get a 1g16s55c profit after listing and sale fee. This makes it not profitable

    • The math already takes into account all the Trading Post Fees, for example the silk scrap formula:

      364 silk scraps, 13c each = 40s 22c

      Whereas without fee’s it would be:

      364 silk scraps, 13c each = 47s 32c

  7. As Gossamer and Silk is now rising in price again, this gold making method may very well be profitable again! However, As this article is from last year, please do all of your own calculations and experiments before making an investment.

  8. Yes, right now the cost of rags is too great (1s65c) for this to make a profit. While the price of silk is up the price of Gossamer is still around 3s75c. So you would be loosing about a gold per 250 rags. BUT I would like to see some numbers of yields for your other salvage materials (Ragged Garment, Clump of Ore, etc).

    • I haven’t personally touched salvaging since the last Wintersday event, so all I can suggest is to do your own experimentation or possibly see if anyone has shared their own research on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit, forum or wiki.

  9. rags go for 3.5 silver not sure where you get that .5 from.

  10. is there any tool / spreadsheet that download prices of TP and do the math for profits on salvage items, Logain spreadsheet is down

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