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How to make gold in Guild Wars 2

The Black Lions Profit Gold Guide was written to offer a free gold making resource for the Guild Wars 2 community. The guide will equip you with all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge required to successfully compete and dominate on the competitive trading post battlefield.

We won’t lie, making gold in Guild Wars 2 is actually pretty easy. Especially when you have access to such a great guide with tried and tested tips, a brilliant list of Trading Post tools and regular gold making articles on our Black Lions Profit blog.

We personally recommend checking out our friends over at Gold Wars 2 for all your Trading Post graphs, price tracking and economic utilities. They offer a great premium service which allows you to easily maximise your gold making venture in Guild Wars 2, We really cannot recommend them enough!

It is important to note that the gold guide is in a perpetual work in progress, we are constantly updating our tips and strategies with information as new content is added to the game. We hope you stick around and follow us on our Guild Wars 2 blog!

An Introduction to the Trading Post

The Black Lion Trading Post is the hub of Tyria’s entire economy, with thousands of gold passing through it’s doors every day creating an endless supply of money making opportunities. If you are serious about making gold, then it is also the place where you will be spending the majority of your time “playing the market” in Guild Wars 2.

The interface is far from perfect, with some frustrating design choices and an often unresponsive item browser.. There is a lot of room for improvement. (are you reading this, Guild Wars 2 developers?) However, as it is all we have to work with our only option is to push ahead and use the tools available to the best of our ability. 

If you didn’t know, the Guild Wars 2 economy is shared globally across the entire games community, with every US and EU server accessing the exact same Trading Post as you. Which pretty much means that we are competing against the entire playerbase. That’s a lot of competition!

Guild Wars 2 Currency
Trading Post Tabs
Trading Post Abbreviations
Guild Wars 2 Terminology

The Trading Post Basics

Accessing the Trading post is extremely easy! Simply locate and press the “O” key on your keyboard and the interface will appear like magic, alternatively you can pay a visit to one of the many black lion Trader’s scattered around Tyria. I personally prefer using the one in Lions Arch as it is a very vibrant city with lot’s of players and interesting conversation. (perfect for when you are waiting for that last gold ingot to sell!)

When the Interface opens, you will see the initial landing page (pictured below) displaying some useful information about the game’s top traded, supplied, demanded and valued items. It is important to pay attention to these items as they are often profitable to “flip”. However, they can be extremely competitive!

To pick up an item or collect your gold from the Trading Post, you must visit a Black Lion Trader in person and use the “pick up” tab on the Trading Post interface.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide Trading Post

Listing Fee

When posting an item to the Trading Post, a 5% tax is imposed. This fee is non refundable, even if you remove your item without a sale. The reason this exists is to dissuade people from using the Trading Post as an unlimited bank account and to add an additional gold sink into the game. (to remove gold from circulation)

For Example, If you wanted to sell a Carrot for 100 gold, the listing fee would be 5 gold. (5%)

Selling Fee

When an item has sold on the Trading Post, a 10% tax is imposed and is automatically removed from the selling price. Since this fee is only applied when an item sells, it is not deducted if you decide to remove the item. (unlike the 5% listing fee mentioned above.)

For Example, Once your Carrot has sold for 100 gold, the selling fee would be 10 gold. (10%)

Tax Example

If you successfully sold your carrot for 100 gold, both the 5% listing fee and 10% selling fee would be automatically deducted from the price, leaving you with an 85 gold return from the sale.

I recommend using the brilliant little calculator at for working out all of your guild wars 2 fees.

Sell an item

Selling an Item on the Trading Post

Selling an item on the Trading Post is very simple, as long as you have enough gold to cover the 5% listing fee you’re good to go. You can list an item through the Trading Post interface by selecting the “Sell on Trading Post” tab or alternatively by right-clicking on an item in your inventory.

There are three options to take into consideration when you want to sell an item on the trading Post:

Highest Buyer

This is the first option, which by default is always be highlighted. This option allows the player to sell their item directly to a buyer and therefore guaranteeing an instant sale without the risk of being undercut. (someone listing an item for sale cheaper, often “undercutting” your price by 1 copper coin)

Lowest Seller

This is the second option, which will match your price to the lowest point the item is currently selling for by different trader’s. Your item is then placed into a queue in which you will have to wait for the current seller’s stock to be sold first.

Manual Price

The third option is not immediately clear, but you do have the ability to manually edit the unit price to whatever amount you wish to sell an item for. A common method used by player’s is to “undercut” the lowest seller by 1 copper coin, thus avoiding any queue’s and potentially selling the item quicker. (This is generally frowned upon, but your anonymous so it doesn’t really matter.)

The only limit on manually typing in a price is that it must cost at least 1 copper more than the item’s base price. (The amount you get from selling it to a vendor)

Trading Post manual Price
To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.” - David Bailey

Basic Trading Post Techniques

There are some basic techniques a player can use to make gold on the Trading Post, they are very easy to remember but still important to learn.

We recommend following the articles on our blog as we regularly cover these basic methods, as well as answering community questions and speculating on future content.


Undercutting is the act of selling your item for slightly less than the lowest seller in order to avoid the queue system and appear more attractive to the potential buyer.The most common amount to “undercut” by is 1 copper coin.

That’s pretty much it really! If you do find yourself fighting for space in a competitive market, then undercutting is a very powerful tool to ensure that you get the sales! It’s a dog eat dog world in the land of Tyria, if you can’t beat them, undercut them.


Flipping is the term used to describe the buying on an item from the Trading Post and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for a profit. It is an extremely basic but efficient method way of making gold on the Trading Post and is also considered the “bread and butter” technique for making gold in most MMORPG economies.

Flipping may be a basic technique, but there is a lot to of information to cover and there is a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately we have already created three brilliant guides to get you started in the world of flipping:

Introduction to Flipping
Flipping for Beginners
Advanced guide to Flipping


This section is still a work in progress, however in the meantime you should definitely check out the following blog posts:

The Fruit and Veg Investment
Fruit and Veg Investment followup


I do not do a lot of Crafting for gold in Guild Wars 2 as the professions are extremely easy level and the time it takes to collect, craft and sell the item could have easily been used to make more profit by flipping on the Trading Post.

 However, if you’re still interested then the best resource you can use is the guildwarstrade crafting tool, which will tell you which recipes are currently profitable to sell once crafted. If you do not have your profession at 400 yet, then is a brilliant tool for finding the cheapest method available.

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.” - Corneille

Advanced Trading Post Techniques

There are a number of advanced techniques and strategies a player can utilise to make gold on the Trading Post. These techniques can also be used to influence the prices of goods and are generally frowned upon by the community. Please note, the Guild Wars 2 gold guide is still under construction and all the information below is subject to change and will be expanded upon in the near future. You can find some good examples of these techniques by following our blog.


Speculation is the practise of engaging in risky investments in an attempt to profit from short or medium term fluctuations in the value of a tradable item. This technique is mostly seen a couple of weeks before Guild Wars 2 releases a new event or content patch.

More coming soon!

Market Manipulation

Market Manipulation occurs when a person or group of traders attempts to monopolize a specific item or market by buying out the majority of stock and causing the price of said items to be inflated well above the true market value.

More coming soon!

Lemon Grass
Leaf of Kudzo

Community Manipulation

Community Manipulation is the act of sharing fake tips, guides and features in an attempt to hype an item and subsequently cause a rise in price. The manipulator will then list their stock at a higher price point, profiteering as player’s continue to purchase the item.

This method is highly frowned upon by the Guild Wars 2 community, especially amongst the game’s Reddit community where these types of post’s were commonly found at release. In response, these player’s are now very vigilant and will express an extremely hostile attitude towards anyone who attempts this technique. (or who generally post’s anything relating to making gold on the Trading Post!)

I will never recommend anyone to attempt this strategy as not only is it very difficult to pull off, it is also greedy, manipulative and generally bad for the economy.

However, it is possible for a developer to inadvertently cause community manipulation, a “slip of the tongue” on the forums or discussion about future content will very easily spark an increase in prices as trader’s race to speculate on future content.

If you are interested in tracking these posts, we wrote a brilliant guide for Stalking guild wars 2 devs for gold!

Gold Making Strategies

The Gold Making Strategies section is still under construction, it’s main purpose is to provide links to article’s and blog posts which demonstrate advanced gold making techniques.

Other Guides

Articles of Interest


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