guild wars 2 bots

Guild Wars 2 bot ban brings gold making opportunities!


I have watched the Tier 6 material market for a while now, with bot’s slowly driving prices down through their malpractice it was only a matter of time before ArenaNet took action and began a new, focused ban wave.

If you are following The Black Lion on Twitter, then you will have seen the link to the official Guild Wars 2 forums requesting player’s to share popular botting locations and hinting towards investing in the tier 6 material market.

Twitter bot ban

I also came across a very interesting post on the Guild Wars 2 reddit, discussing theories as to why the markets had suddenly started to rise again:

  •  Tin Foil Economist Theories.

The general consensus within the community seems to be that ArenaNet have conducted a ban wave. I agree with them.


Should you invest?

It is a public holiday in the United States today, celebrating the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. Which means that there will be a lot more players than usual in the game, which also means there will be more gold going in and out of the Trading Post.

I could suggest investing in the tier 5 and 6 markets listed in the Tin Foil Economist article however we both know that they will be very competitive. Instead, look outside of the box, “what item’s have also been affected by the botting endemic?” Here’s some ideas to get you started:

This isn’t a gold making tip, honest!*

I wish there was some sort of container I could open that had the potential of dropping tier 6 materials.. Then I could make some great profit!

* OK, it probably is.

Reporting from the Frontlines

Intrigued, we sent out our in-game correspondent  ’The Great Giganto’ out into the lands of Tyria to investigate the bot ban rumours. Our intrepid reporter set out for the city of Rata Sum upon hearing word that the local gnome population was under the oppressive rule of bot’s.


He was quickly fired for being an idiot.