The Stalker Method - Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide

Investing in the Guild Wars 2 can be a challenging prospect for many players, buying the wrong items can lead to financial disaster and wasted time. Many Gold Guides will tell you to simply “Check the graphs at GW2Spidy and buy when prices are low!“. Whilst this advice is not wrong, it does not take into account market fluctuation or artificial inflaction. The Stalker Method shows you how to gather and analyse information provided to you by the Guild Wars 2 developers, and almost guarantees a rise in prices when the patches are released.

Before you run down to your nearest charity shop and buy a greasy leather trench coat, please remember that we do all of our stalking online. I will not be blamed for any developer reading this who has an obsessed Guild Wars 2 fan peeking through their window. If you think trench coats are cool, then you are probably already a stalker and should disregard this guide entirely.

The first step to stalking is finding a target, we are preferably looking for ArenaNet employees who are actively involved in coding new content and patches for Guild Wars 2. Luckily, I have picked some out for you below.

  • John Smith - Economist
  • Robert Hrouda - Content Designer
  • Jeffrey Vaughn - Content Designer
  • Anthony Ordon - Game Designer
  • Jon Peters - Game Designer
  • Habib Leow - Gameplay Programmer
  • Mark Katzbach - Community Spec opz
Since we are awesome and we enjoy making gold, we are going to be serial Stalkers and prey on them all. Our next job is to regularly check and analyse the content posted by the Guild Wars 2 developers, every so often they will declare that they have fixed a new skill/quest/feature and that it will be pushed through in the next patch. Below is an example of what you should be looking out for.

Guild Wars 2 Engineers Sigils - gold guide

Example: Superior Sigil of air

Check out one of Jon Peter’s posts here, where he responds to a player asking for advice on how sigils work for the engineer class. Jon tells us that he is currently in the process of patching sigils so that they work with Engineer Kits.

Not only do we find out the contents of a future patch but Jon also provides us a very useful bit of advice. Flame throwers would be awesome with Sigils of Air! From these two forum posts, I can deduce that the price will rise significantly when Engineers scramble to replace their current weapons with sigils that interact better with kits.

If you do not have the time to frequently check each developers posts, then Jon Peters is the best developer to follow for content related to events and classes. It is also recommended to check the “New” section of the Guild Wars 2 Reddit for any updates that you may have missed.

The Stalker method is part of our Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide, The comprehensive guide for making gold in Guild Wars 2. Provided for free to the Black Lions Profit community in an effort to promote a more diverse and competitive economy in Guild Wars 2.


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