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Gold Guide Update - Salvaging for Profit


Discarded Garments & Rags

Discarded Garments and Rags are two great items to salvage for profit in Guild Wars 2 and can be bought for  a relatively cheap 48 – 53 copper each from the Trading post. You can also farm them from player’s in World vs World or go hunting for some Quaggans, Trolls or Krait’s in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Both items salvage for 1 – 3 Silk Scraps, and also have a chance of salvaging for the rarer Gossamer Scrap.

To minimise costs and maximise profit’s, you should always use the “Basic Salvage kits” for 88 copper which grants you a 10% chance of salvaging Gossamer Scrap. The extra 5% rarity chance the Fine salvage kit provides is not worth the extra two silver.

This method involves A LOT of clicking, patience (find some good movies to watch in split screen) and for the Gossamer Scrap price to be above roughly 3 Silver & 80 Copper, and the Silk Scrap price ideally being above 12 Copper each.


 Read the whole guide here!


Gold Guide Update

Today I completed the “Salvaging for Profit in Guild Wars 2″ guide, which contains some of the brilliant strategies I use to make gold on the Trading Post.


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