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Hey, have you heard about Twitter? It’s an online social networking service that enables it’s users to send and read text based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. Crazy, right?

If you are a member, then you should definitely follow us at lions_Profit, where we will tweet, chirp and cuckoo about anything and everything relating to the best flipping tips, economy news and random speculation in Guild Wars 2!

These tip’s usually come from my ever expanding watch lists on both Gold Wars 2 & so it’s safe to say that every item I mention can be flipped for a profit. (or why would I bother mentioning it!) Just don’t go too crazy with the undercutting, the plan is to make some gold - not start a bidding war!


  1. I really love these tips!!

  2. this makes me wish I had constant access to GW2, for more flipping :)

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