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10 markets in 10 days: #1

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10 markets in 10 days: day 1 - Arctic Ring

Over the next 10 days I will be sharing some of the items I flip on a daily basis on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, all of these items are part of my personal flipping portfolio which works to bring in hundreds of gold every month, for hardly any effort at all.

10 markets in 10 days

I recently posted a tip about flipping jewellery on the Trading Post for some easy gold, and I have seen that a lot of people had taken the advice!

Personally, the Arctic Ring has been the most profitable ring I could find, not only does it sell fast, but it brings in a whole 10 silver profit! I can easily sell 10 - 15 of these on a good day!

As always, use the TP Calculator and gw2tp graphs to make sure that the item will be profitable before investing!

You should also check out the awesome Gold Wars 2 website, a premium Trading Post tool with a wealth of customisation & item tracking options!


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