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Flipping Jewellery on the gw2 Trading Post

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Today I took a random selection of jewellery (rings, Amulets and Earrings) and added them to my watch list over at and I was not surprised to see how much profit there was to be made from flipping them!

I usually go through 30 pieces of jewellery every 24 hour flipping cycle (between work/sleep), making anywhere between 4 to 50 silver profit each depending on the item’s level requirements, demand and popularity. This adds roughly 3 gold a night (the cheaper ones sell faster) into my gold pile, alongside all the other flip’s that are possible it really does begin to add up!

One of my favourite’s right now is the snowflake jewellery as it has the much sought after magic find and is relatively well known due to the recent Wintersday event.

rings profit

Click on the image to view it in full size.

The general consensus in the Guild Wars 2 community seems to be that there is not much gold to be made from crafting. Whilst that may have been the case a couple of months ago, it certainly is not now. If you have a good crafting level in ANY skill, it is always useful to check out the brilliant Crafting Recipe tool over at

If not, then what are you waiting for?! There’s a wealth of guides and tutorials on how to get your crafting skills up cheaply scattered across the web! ( does have a guide archive, but it is pretty bare right now so if you are the author of any gw2 guides, then please submit them there.)

crafting profit

In other news, I am still working diligently on the Guild Wars 2 gold guide, which is coming along nicely so please feel free to check on my progress and leave a comment about any improvements or formatting advice you would like to share. You may also notice some smaller changes around the website, including graphical changes to the logo (no more rough edges on that lion!) and custom icons for all the links in the sidebar.

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