The Laurel Vendor and what it means for the economy.


Guild Wars 2 Laurels and what they mean for the Economy (probably)

So the Flame & Frost patch has just been released and with it comes the new achievement system, where you gain a new currency called Laurels for completing the daily and monthly achievements. These tokens can then be traded in to a Merchant for a variety of different items including dyes, class gear and.. cats.

Unfortunately, It look’s like a lot of the items added in this patch are intended to drive down prices on the Trading Post, combat bots (this is a good thing) and help casual player’s achieve Legendary Weapons.(good for them, bad for traders.)  check out some of the vendor’s merchandise below:-

laurel vendor guild wars 2

10x Mystic Binding Agent

“Used in conjunction with slivers, fragments, shards, cores and lodestones in the Mystic Forge.”

My Opinion: The Mystic Binding Agent look’s like it is going to impact upon the price of Lodestones as the description implies that the agent will give an 100% success rate to promoting the materials. (unconfirmed) This will bring the prices of fragments, shards, cores and lodestones for sure as more player’s promote them through the Mystic Forge rather than purchase them from player’s in the Trading Post.

2x Class Gear

“Contains a rare or exotic piece of level 78-80 gear for warrior. Double-click to open.”

My Opinion: I believe this was added to provide player’s an alternative method of recieving named weapons and precursors after the constant whining on various community forums and portals about  RNG and the Mystic Forge (although it’s still RNG, just free.) I expect Precursor’s will begin to drop in price as more player’s decide to purchase the class gear rather than spend their laurels on cats and ascended jewellery. This is definitely the one I will be watching closely.

10x Unidentified Dyes

“Double-click to identify one random dye color which can be unlocked for one of your character or recycled at the mystic forge.”

My Opinion: Say goodbye to the unidentified dye market, and probably a price drop in the rare days as well.

Magic/Coin Booster

“30% Magic Find / 30% Gold Find for one hour”

My Opinion: Possible drop in price for omnomberry bars and magic/gold find food.

Crafting Bags

“Contains “1-6″ -Tier crafting materials. Double click to open.”

My opinion: Each bag costs 1 Laurel each, I do not know how many materials each bag rewards the player’s with but this will definitely bring prices of the more expensive materials down.

Gold Making Tip - Act Fast!

Got a lot of karma sitting in your inventory doing nothing? why are you sitting reading this then?! Wait, you don’t know?

Head on over to the Karma Vendor at the Cathedral of Verance now and buy as many Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes as you can! One of my contact’s on my server made an amazing 20 gold from 900k karma, check out what she got!

The Lost Orrian Jewelry Box also has a chance of dropping a Risen Priest of Balthazar mini Pet and a permanent Tonic which turns you into an elemental!


  1. He wasted 900k karma for 20g ?

    • There’s not much to spend karma on, after a certain point. After you have your Temple armor, big ticket karma purchases (before now) were either Obby Shards or gear to dump in the Forge in the hopes of getting something saleable / salvagable. The Boxes now allow endgamers to convert karma into cash, convert soulbound karma to an accountbound form, and get hard-to-find items. Starting with a little over 325k karma, recycling all karma w/ Guild, Booster, and Food buffs in place, I netted about 4G in Vendor trash, 40 Obby Shards, 2/ea Onyx and Crystal Lodestones, and a Cold (EL Ice Elemental) potion. I averaged a little over 50% karma returned each cycle of buying / opening / using. Looking at the transaction one way, I paid double for the Obby Shards, and got gold & lodestones ‘free’. On the other hand, I’m glad to have something to spend karma on - although the tonics & minis are bound, and the minis (currently) cannot be forged, protecting the Exotic Mini market from a crash.

  2. Bought Heavy Crafting Bag and got 1 Vial of Powerful Blood, 1 Elaborate Totem and 1 Vicious Claw.

    • Wow, So they really will have an effect on the economy. I see that a lot of the Tier 6 materials have had some sharp falls over the last couple of hours!

      • I don’t know if they will take that hard a fall. A laurel is somewhat rare, you can’t have more than ~40 a month, and once people figure out how unworthy of laurels this T6 mats bags are (compared to say, Ascended stuff), they won’t buy it much. I know I won’t, I wanted to check it out because they may have dropped lodestones and I was disappointed to get my 3 random T6 (one bone one dust one fang).

        Mystic binding is more promising in term of market crash. I think they’ll either be used as a replacement for our current promotion recipe (allowing you to make 5 lodestones out of 10 laurels), or used to convert lodestones of one type into another. Whatever it is, charged lodestones won’t stay that high very long.

      • This could be based on the changes in Orr and elsewhere; for example, in an hour in Cursed Shore, I got about three times the number of Heavy Mouldy Bags I usually did; trashmobs dropped a T6 scale & claw, and so forth. A quick swim along the eastern shore of Southsun (about 30 minutes) also netted multiple T5 & 6 scales, fangs, claws, and blood. It’s too soon to say if this is a temporary result of the new build resetting DRs, or a new drop policy ingame.

  3. On the other hand, orichalcum ore is back to the pre-karka prices…

    Thanks for the post btw. But I’m not sure about the part about gold/magic find food… The magic/coin booster you can have at the laurel vendor might stack with the food (don’t know if i’m making myself clear…)

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