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Please note: I am currently on a “break” from Guild Wars 2 at the moment so I cannot accurately answer any questions regarding current market trends or profitable items. If you do need any help with either of these then I would highly recommend contacting the blog owner here. 

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If, you are getting in touch with us to ask a question or have a query on how to make gold in Guild Wars 2, please email us at Admin[at] and ensure that your title has either [BlackLionsProfit] or [GW2] in it!

ah, you own your own blog?

If, you are interested in writing a guest post for us please check out our guidelines here. We reserve the right to ignore your guest post submission if you send me an extremely low quality article that isn’t even related to Guild Wars 2.. at all.

oh.. you want to sell me cheap viagra?

If, you are interested in sending me emails about the Nigerian lottery, cheap Viagra tablets or how I can make $54698.17 per day then please email me at Thanks!

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If, you do not own an email account then you are a strange individual.. Why not tweet me at @lions_profit instead?


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  3. want to ask several questions:
    1. when I discover from goldwar 1 commodity profit is high, I also must how go from the supply and the demand judge this commodity whether makes money?
    2. bought a commodity to buy a group, might wait all not to be able frequently to buy above for a long time 10, had to wait on several days?
    3. wants to earn many looks for one from goldwar great deals to come flip nearly all to gain?

    Embarrassed, some possibly looked not too understands, I am turn England with.

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