launches chrome search extension!

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You have probably noticed that I am a quite a big fan of the trading post tool, with it’s clean-cut graphs, innovative features and user friendly interface it is a great resource for making gold in Guild Wars 2. In my opinion, it is one of the best tools currently available and has a premium service that rivals Gold Wars 2.

The owner and I have been in regular contact since the website launched in January, and I am always impressed when he sends me his list of future features, most of which are pretty innovative! The latest in this line of additions is the gw2tp chrome extension which allows users to search the item database right from their search bar!

I’m pleased to release version 1 of GW2TP’s Chrome search extension! This extension allows users to quickly search for and navigate to a detailed view of an item. For more information and installation instructions, head over to the extension page.

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