great giganto seal of approval - A New Trading Post Tool for Guild Wars 2

| 2 Comments - Approved by The Great Giganto is a new website dedicated to providing the best Trading Post tools and resources for making gold in Guild Wars 2.  Recently launched, the website already has an impressive list of innovative features and resources to help aid you in dominating the market battlefield.
  • Flippable item suggestions
  • Up-to-date prices of all in game items (refreshed every 10 minutes)
  • Integrated Calculator that is automatically populated when user’s click on the price of an item
  • Guild Wars 2 item database
  • Looking for Group feature

Future plans for the website  include a standard search and filtering form for the items database, an API to make the data accessible to 3rd party services and the possibility of a trading marketplace with integrated Scammer/Trusted Seller list. has really impressed me. With a brilliant list of features and unique tools not found elsewhere alongside the easy to use interface I can see myself using this website a lot in the future.

I am happy to announce, this website has The Great Giganto seal of approval.


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