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Uh oh, according to GW2Spidy is down for everyone! has been going up and down over the last couple of days, according to their Twitter they are currently having an “off day” with their servers. Unfortunately, there is still gold to be made on the trading post and players need the tools to check their purchases. Fortunately for us, Guild Wars 2 Spidy isn’t the only tool available on the net and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the alternative tools available for Guild Wars 2.

Trading post graphs and statistics

  • is the self-proclaimed ultimate Guild Wars 2 Trading Post tool, offering clean, stylish and easy to use graphs with all the features you can find on gw2spidy.
  • is your free Guild Wars 2 trading post price history and research tool, featuring advanced search, profiles, graph smoothing and a Tax calculator to work out your fees and profit margins.
  • is a brilliant website with graphs, a really handy flipping tool, Trading Post calculator and a brilliant looking for group system.


  • - A dedicated calculator for the Trading Post fees & profit margins.
  • tax calculator - dedicated to working out the Trading post fees
  • - Trading Post graphs and a Calculator in the same place - Brilliant.

Item Databases

  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki - The official wiki for Guild Wars 2, maintained and edited by the community. A great source for everything and anything related to Guild Wars 2!
  • GuildHead is a Guild Wars 2 database site with items, skills, maps, a skill calculator, and more.
  • GW2db is a Guild Wars 2 database with Skill calculators, recipes, maps, items and more.

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