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Question: Crafting for Profit in Guild Wars 2.


Today I received an email from one of the Black Lions Profit community members, Jacob. Enquiring about our “Crafting for profit” technique, one of the techniques to be featured in our Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.


I found the site a couple of weeks ago and think it is great how you share all these great tips with the community. I was checking out the gold guide and noticed that you had not completed the crafting for gold section yet, any update on when it will be completed?

-  Jacob

Hey Jacob!

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I apologise for the lack of updates on the gold guide, I did have plans to draft  most of the strategies by the beginning of February but a bronchial cough quickly put an end to those plans. Once I finish coughing up the contents of my lungs and consuming the world’s reserve supply of chicken noodle soup I will be straight back to work on the gw2 gold guide.

However, Crafting is actually pretty easy to level especially as there is a wealth of well written guides and tutorials scattered across the various Guild Wars 2 blogs and communities. Once you have chosen what professions you would like to pursure, head on over to GW2Spidy and GuildWarsTrade. Two website’s that offer  some fantastic tools for calculating the costs and  profits of each crafting recipe.

The hard part of this technique is actually finding out what items sell! there is no point crafting 100 Mithril daggers of ogre slaying if they are going to sit on the Trading Post gathering dust instead of gold.

- The Black Lion

Note: The Gold Wars 2 premium tool can be used to identify markets that have a low supply/demand. With some applied common sense, these markets can then be targeted to buy and sell goods fast, freeing up time that can then be used playing the game. (or even better, making more gold, faster!)

P.S. If you want to ask us a question, please send an email to!


  1. Thanks, I look forward to reading it!

  2. This video will help also for getting started to get some profit with crafting ;)

    • Since the site is converting the posted link to another video, I suggest you to open it on Youtube and search for video #7 Crafting. Sorry

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