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Question: Any tips on a good market area for a new trader?


Today I received an email from one of our reader’s asking for a tip on what markets they could invest in as a new trader.

Good day! I recently found your website and have been using its resources to learn much about trading in GW2. I have started trading a bit off of gw2tp speculation and your tips, but only seem to have gained a few silver this week. Any tips on a good beginner market area for relatively new trader? Any help would be appreciated.

- Kain Omega

Hey Kain!

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

It is good to hear that you have managed to make some money on the Trading Post by following our tips, even if it is just a few silver in profit. I will admit that it can sometime be difficult to find a good market when you have a low amount of gold to begin with. So it is essential to find a market that is fast-moving, profitable and in large demand.

I made a lot of my gold at the beginning of the game by catering to the Trainee Chef’s and Cook’s of Tyria, buying and selling tens of thousands of fruit and veg daily! It’s a great market with constant demand but it is also very competitive so you will probably spend some time waiting for the buy order’s to be fulfilled.

I have compiled a small list of items that are great to invest in, they are all low profit margin goods with high demand and plenty of suppliers as well. These items are all intended to be bought and sold in bulk (although you can buy as many as you want, it’s still profit at the end of the day!)

Markets for New Traders

Take for example the humble Onion.

      • Buy: 10c
      • Sell: 13c
      • Profit: 1c

I can hear you screaming at your screen right now, what are you supposed to do with 1 copper profit?!

The trick is to buy them in bulk, five thousand onions will sell very quickly and net you a very easy fifty-two silver profit. Recycle this method into multiple low-level markets and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

If you do not want to invest your money into bulk items, then superior sigils and runes are another great market to check out, with profit margins ranging from 5 silver to 30 silver.

- The Black Lion

Note: Always check the gw2tp graphs & Trading Post Calculator before investing in any of the items mentioned above. If you are interested in maximizing your Trading Post success then I suggest checking out the brilliant Gold Wars 2 premium tool.

P.S. If you want to ask us a question, please send an email to!


  1. I would even suppose to use the Gw2Spidy API to create some own Google Spreadsheets and calculate the percental profit you would get for flipping items in your area.
    I’m currently flipping only exotic Armor and Weapons in huge quantities, cause I’m almost over 300g which I can invest.
    I created 20 Lists with each 100 items and they all calculate the Profit in absolute and in percent figures. So I tabulate them with the highest percent of Profit you can make. Then I set one buy order for every Item which hast above 50% Profit. With this method I easily make 30-40g each day with 40 minutes of work.
    The risk is nearly zero and the profit is stable. You can do that too with Masterwork Stuff and Rare Stuff and there is even more profit than in exotics but it is a huge more work because you have to throw 700 buy orders on the market and not only 200 like if you buy exotics.
    I can also suggest you to watch the whole series of Nicodemo I learned much of him ;)

    • Some great tips here and I would definitely recommend watching the series of youtube videos linked!

    • You make about 30/40g a day but you’re only just over 300g in total? something smells fishy

      • You don’t think before you write don’t you? You put with 300g 200 buy orders on the market but you neither get the whole 200 items. If you think straight you can easily guess that your profit raises with your gold what you can invest.
        It’s a percental thing, as you have more money you can invest more and flip more items so you get more profit each day.
        If you start with 10 gold like I did you will also have 300 gold in 2 months if you do it straight everyday for some minutes. You don’t earn 30g/40g from the first day if you only have 1 gold to invest. But I do from now cause I can invest 300g.
        I think you smell fishy troll o.O

  2. Kain here! Thanks for the response! I’ve already doubled my profit, even if that’s not much. xD I suppose as I get more resources to invest in the market with I’ll make more money. Cheers!