7 Brilliant Guild Wars 2 Tools and Resources


7 Brilliant Guild Wars 2 tools and resources!

Making gold in Guild Wars 2 can be a challenging concept for most player’s, especially as the Trading Post levies some steep fee’s for those who want to sell their items. Luckily, there is a wealth of tools and resources available for players to utilise and maximise their gold making potential.

1) gw2spidy.com

Gw2sidy trading post toolGW2Spidy is a Guild Wars 2 tool offering a brilliant range of features including informative trading post graphs, crafting price tracker, gems exchange rates and an account system which allows you to add items to a personal watchlist. For those of you who enjoy using your own spreadsheets and scripts to track items on the Trading Post, GW2Spidy offer the use of their API.

Update: The owner of GW2Spidy has recently contacted me to share his future plans for the website, some of these include optimising the API, more changes to the crafting tool and adding advanced filters so players can find the most profitable items.

2) GuildWarsTrade.com

guildwarstrade website miniheaderGuildWarsTrade is the self-proclaimed ultimate Guild Wars 2 Trading Post tool, offering a clean and stylish interface with easy to use graphs, crafting recipes, account favourite system and a fantastic profits calculator. There is also a handy currency & gem tracker which tracks both the official ArenaNet gem prices and an unofficial black market gems price. For those of you who enjoy using your own spreadsheets and scripts to track items on the Trading Post, GuildWarsTrade offers the use of their API.

Update: Bottiger, the creator of GuildWarstrade has recently contacted me to tell me about his future plan for the website, which is to add longer time periods without slowing down loading times. If you have any idea what he is talking about, please tell us below in the comments!

3) GW2TP.net

gw2tp.net - making gold in guild wars 2Up-to-date Guild Wars 2 trading post data & graphs, flippable item suggestions, Looking for group feature and an integrated trading post calculator that is automatically populated when a user clicks on the price of an item on the site. gw2tp.net is the new kid on the block, recently launching in January 2013 with an impressive list of features, clean interface and unique set of features not seen elsewhere. The owner tell me that the website will receive regular updates, and that he is currently working on an exciting new feature. (Although I have been sworn to secrecy!)

Gw2tp.net was also the first website to receive The Great Giganto’s Seal of Approval!

Update: Justin, the website’s creator has recently contacted me to tell me about his latest feature, a guides archive system offering a central location for finding the best guides in Guild Wars 2.

4) Coinshaver



Unfortunately, Coinshaver is no longer operating as a Guild Wars 2 tool.

5) TPCalc.com

Trading Post CalculatorThe very first Trading Post Calculator created for Guild Wars 2! (probably.) TPCalc.com offers a sleek, easy to use interface for working out all of your Black Lion Trading Post fee’s. A fantastic tool with minimum fluff, perfect for making gold in Guild Wars 2.

Update: Erland, the website’s developer has recently contacted me to say that the project is currently on a back burner due to some real life commitments however his future plans for the calculator include integrating gw2spidy data into the website and further optimising the code for mobile browsing.

6) GW2 Crafting Map

Gathering in Guild Wars 2 can be a profitable endeavour, especially if you come across a lot of rich mining veins which can be mined for ten times instead of three. In fact, gathering is one of the biggest sources of gold available to new players whilst they level, so having access to an interactive crafting map is a huge bonus to anyone serious about making some easy gold. All you need is the tools, in game and on the web:

  • Guild Wars 2 Interactive Map - All recorded gathering locations
  • Orr Maps - Server based, player generated maps for Orr gathering locations
  • gw2cartographer

7) ArenaNet Post Tracker

Arenanet post trackerIf you have read our Stalking Guide for Guild Wars 2 then you will know that keeping an eye on what is being posted on the Official Guild Wars 2 forums is a very good way of finding out about future updates and changes to the game. With a little bit of speculation and a lot of interpretation you can easily analyse the posts to target potential items on the Trading post which have a good possibility of being affected in upcoming patches.

Guild Wars 2 Guru offer a fantastic tool which tracks all posts written by any member with a red “ArenaNet” banner in their names, the ArenaNet Tracker. So what are you waiting for? Grab your trench coat, stick on your fake moustache and let’s get stalking!


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