7 March, 2013
by The Black Lion
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20 January, 2013
by The Black Lion

Website Update: Comments Problems. Again.

After doing some server side upgrades to the website (nothing noticeable), I have come across yet another error with the commenting system;

“You don’t have permission to access /wp-comments-post.php on this server. “

I have disabled the plugin that was causing the conflict but that is only a temporary solution.

- The Black Lion


I have completely replaced the conflicting plugin with an alternative and the commenting system should be back to normal, if you find any other problems with the website then please send an email to admin@blacklionsprofit.com!


13 January, 2013
by The Black Lion

Site update: Comments - Livefyre is no more.

I recently discovered that the “Livefyre” commenting system used on the blog was not working correctly, failing to submit user comments and stuck on an endless “importing comments” cycle in my admin control panel. I apologise for anyone who has tried to leave a comment and has not been able to.

I have now reverted the comments back to the wordpress defaults, comments must be approved before being shown to prevent spam however I have access to a computer pretty much all day so they should not take long to be accepted. If you stumble across any other problems with the blog or would like to add a sugesstion, please contact me at admin@blacklionsprofit.com.

There will also be some maintenance, article updates & graphical improvementss to the blog over the next week or two so please ignore any fallen debris, wet paint and rusted nails.

29 December, 2012
by The Black Lion

Site Update – Inactivity over Christmas

You may have  noticed some inactivity over the last couple of weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday. Due to family commitments and a colleague retiring resulting in increased workload I did not have the time to dedicate to writing posts which were of a high enough quality. I hope to get back into full swing after the New Year, where I will be releasing the following articles and more:

  • Salvaging in Guild Wars 2 for profit.
  • Wintersday: Investing for the future
  • The Events Journal: What I bought, sold and invested in during Wintersday
  • Overnight Flipping - Revelation of what to flip for a guaranteed profit.
  • Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide - new and improved

13 December, 2012
by The Black Lion

Site Updates – December 12, 2012

We have been very busy over the last 24 hours building and improving the websites theme, functions and accessibility. We have upgraded our web hosting to allow for more content, faster loading times and increased performance.  See below for our changes:

  • Updated theme styling
  • New Logo
  • New Header Graphics
  • New colour Scheme
  • Comment system now changed to livefyre - what do you think about it?
  • All posts now have featured images
  • Cleaned up sidebar

If you spot any errors or would like to comment on the improvements then please tell us below.

7 December, 2012
by The Black Lion

Site Updates - December 7, 2012

    • Winters Speculation improved readability.
    • The hunter introduction has been  updated.
    • Updated CSS style to widen content post
    • Comments system moved to IntenseDebate platform.
    • Comment system moved back to Disqus.
    • RSS link added to Sidebar, subscribe to us here!
    • Twitter linked add to Sidebar, Follow us!