12 January, 2013
by The Black Lion

7 Brilliant Guild Wars 2 Tools and Resources

7 Brilliant Guild Wars 2 tools and resources! Making gold in Guild Wars 2 can be a challenging concept for most player’s, especially as the Trading Post levies some steep fee’s for those who want to sell their items. Luckily, … Continue reading

10 January, 2013
by The Black Lion

If the human collective is known as humanity, then surely the  norn would be known as nornamality?

great giganto seal of approval

6 January, 2013
by The Black Lion
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gw2tp.net - A New Trading Post Tool for Guild Wars 2

gw2tp.net is a new website dedicated to providing the best Trading Post tools and resources for making gold in Guild Wars 2.  Recently launched, the website already has an impressive list of innovative features and resources to help aid you in dominating … Continue reading

Alternatives - gw2spidyisdown

11 December, 2012
by The Black Lion

Guild Wars 2 tools - Alternatives to gw2spidy.com

Uh oh, according to downforeveryoneorjustme.com GW2Spidy is down for everyone! Gw2Spidy.com has been going up and down over the last couple of days, according to their Twitter they are currently having an “off day” with their servers. Unfortunately, there is still gold to be … Continue reading