Advanced Guide to Flipping

Advanced Flipping

The Advanced Flipping Guide is for players who are now comfortable with buying and selling items in their chosen niche and who are looking for help tracking their purchases and diversifying into new markets.


Before we start, Please follow all of the bullet points below:

  • Read our previous flipping guides, “Introduction to Flipping” and “Flipping for Beginners“.
  • Purchase a subscription to Gold Wars 2 or find an alternative tool to create multiple watch lists.
  • Consider Contacting us on Twitter for advanced flipping tips and discussion.

Flipping Porfolio

A flipping portfolio is a list of successful markets and items compiled into a watch list or spreadsheets in order to keep track of current prices and profit potential. If you are dedicated to making gold on the Trading Post then you need to be keeping a very close eye on your selected markets.

Gold Wars 2 overview

Gold Wars 2 is a premium Trading Post tool available for Guild Wars 2, offering a robust search and refinement tool to efficiently identify markets that can be flipped for a huge profit. I personally consider this the best tool currently available for flipping and with two developers actively working on new content it is well worth the $15 subscription for three months. (That’s what, three cups of coffee?)

We will be creating out basic watchlist using this tool, so a subscription is required. However the steps can also be replicated through spreadsheets or alternative Trading Post tools.

Creating an Item List

We will be creating a basic watch list for Guild Wars 2 which will contain all of “core” items I believe every trader should have in their flipping portfolio. Our item lists contains 206 items, covering the entire Crafting Materials market (not including components) split into several subcategories for fast and efficient sorting.

It is entirely down to preference on how you construct your watchlist, I currently have my list sorted by the items “Rarity” and an additional category for Chef Ingredients but it is also possible to sort them by Tier, name or even price if you have a lot of time on your hands.

The main priority is to have the ability to open a list, glance at the profit percentages and have a brief idea of what items are currently profitable. You can then use this knowledge to research the market’s graphs and statistics for the true profitability.

gold wars 2 item list
  1. Visit and log into your account.
  2. On the welcome page you should see an “Item Lists” box at the top right hand side of the page.
  3. Click on the “Create a new list +” button and name it “Chef Ingredients”.
  4. Repeat steps 2 + 3 until you have 4 item lists titled: Chef Ingredients, Rare Crafting Materials, Fine Crafting Materials & Common Crafting Materials.

Adding items to your list

Now that we have our item lists created, we need to populate them. Unfortunately there is no fast way of doing this so we will have to manually search and add each item separately. However, doing this is extremely easy!

For example, if we wanted to add an onion to our “Chef Ingredients” list all we have to do is search for the term “onion”, click on the [+] sign and select the appropriate list to add it to. Did I mention how easy this was?

goldwars2 onion

Another advantage we have, is that the Guild Wars 2 wiki conveniently lists everything we need, click on the spoilers below and follow the instructions to finish populating your item lists.

Chef Ingredients
Common Crafting Materials
Fine Crafting Materials
Rare Crafting Materials

Expanding your Watch Lists

You now have a very basic, but powerful watch list set up that can be checked daily for brilliant flipping suggestions and market fluctuation. However, don’t stop there as this is only the beginning! There is hundreds of items and markets waiting to be found, I personally have fourteen item lists with over 500 items that I check daily to potentially flip. I would recommend checking out Jewellery, Food or Superior runes next!

Flipping Categories

Flipping categories are simply a method I use to split my markets into three different sections which I then allocate a strict budget to “play” with depending on the risk versus reward.

low profit, bulk flipping

This category is for very safe items that are usually cheap and can be bought and sold in bulk for a very minimal, but fast profit. Crafting Materials, Consumables and Cooking Ingredients are the main target markets but it can also apply to dye, upgrade components and gemstones.

Examples: Onion, Carrot, Beet, Tiny Venom Sac, Blueberry.

High Profit, individual flipping

This category is for items that cannot be bought and sold in large volumes due to cost or demand. Depending on the market, I can often get around 20% - 50% return with relative safety.

Examples: Arctic Ring, Superior Runes of Scavenging, Mystic Great sword, Charcoal Dye, Superior Sigil of Strength.

Situational Flipping

This category covers a large array of items from event rewards, speculation and experimentation to highly volatile markets which are constantly fluctuating between a loss and a profit. Whilst these investments are risky they offer very high return in profit and is the most rewarding part of making gold in Guild Wars 2.

Examples: Unbreakable Choir BellThe Mad Moon, The Hunter, Large Skull, Abyss Dye, Giant Eye, Mystic Coin.

Market Exploration

Market Exploration and Diversification are two very important parts of making gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, I won’t be going into too much detail as they are subjects that truly deserve their own blog post sometime in the future.


“A risk management technique that mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. The rationale behind this technique contends that a portfolio of different kinds of investments will, on average, yield higher returns and pose a lower risk than any individual investment found within the portfolio.

Diversification strives to smooth out unsystematic risk events in a portfolio so that the positive performance of some investments will neutralize the negative performance of others.”

Courtesy of Investopedia!

To generalize, Diversification is extremely important as it helps to counteract any bad investments by taking the profit from successful flips to cover the loss from unsuccessful flips.

Market Exploration


Market exploration is what it says on the box, exploring new markets to find interesting, unique or obscure items that offer a potential profit. Everyone should be doing it, there is a magnitude of items just waiting to be found and a niche market is almost always a guaranteed profit.

Suggested Markets

If you are stuck for idea’s on what or where to invest, here is just a small list of markets I have successfully flipped in over the past month (March 2013).

Superior RunesSharpening StonesMini Pets
PotionsDredge WeaponsWintersday Items
12-Slot bagsTailor ComponentsUnidentified Dyes
Gem StonesExotic Off-Hand WeaponsHeavy Moldy Bags
PrecursorsFoodDredge Shields
Bandit ShieldsGiant EyesAquatic Weapons
Common DyesSuperior SigilsArtificer Inscriptions
Large SkullsJeweller Hooks & ChainsOres & Ingots
Halloween SkinsChef IngredientsMajor Runes


  1. Great job man. Thought I’d add 50 items which can get people started, I think around 8 of them were actually recommended by you so thank you!

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  3. Nice guide :)

    I thought I would mention a spreadsheet that I made. Most of the 3rd party TP websites (Spidy, Guild Wars Trade, etc.) are great, but lack some of the more advanced functionality.

    I made a spreadsheet that calculates profit as a % of cost, lets you filter with ranges on everything, and lets you sort on any field. It downloads information from GW2 Spidy and then transforms it within MS Excel.

    So while it may be kind of confusing to people that are newer to flipping items, it is a powerful tool for those who know what they’re doing.

    You can find it at:

    And as a side note, lvl 35-45 rares are good to flip. The entry-point for rares is at lvl 35, and (thus far) it doesn’t look like it is a heavily flipped section.

  4. No offense but for 15 euros at gold wars, I can get 30g in gems by supporting and not lifting a finger. I appreciate the tips but there’s just no good argument for subbing vs buying gems.

  5. Where do you buy your coffe? You are getting mugged, One cup of coffe is max 3€.

    • $15 = €11.40

      three cups of coffee would cost you $9, but everyone knows you can’t have a cup of coffee without some biscuits or a muffin, so I intentionally left you with enough change to purchase any snacks that take your fancy.

  6. Going to try this :P Will be back later to provide you with feedback :D

  7. I understand that in order to make profit you should buy low and sell high to make a profit, but are you supposed to place a buy order at the buying price that is shown on programs like Goldwars 2. I don’t think people selling their goods like a wrangler bag would want to sell that low to buyers on this market because they are undercutting their profit from selling an item like a wrangler bag. Are the buy order that someone makes based on goldwars2 listed buying price supposed take awhile to complete? And if this true, doesn’t that make the amount of profit that you will make from that certain item be drastically decreased because of the amount of time it has taken for a seller to accept that buy order off the trading post? Could someone clarify this for me because I think I might have misunderstood something along the way?
    Also, if anything that have written is unclear please tell me. I think because of my confusion it might be unclear what I am asking. I appreciate any response given to this reply, and hope that maybe my question can help others gain some clarity. I thank you for reading is reply, and hope everyone has a great day.
    If you think it maybe easier to answer my question via gw2 you mail me in game at Raja Aether. Thanks!

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