Hey, I am The Great Giganto and welcome to The Black Lions Profit website.

I am the in game correspondent for everything and anything related to the Guild Wars 2 economy and Trading Post. My job is to bring you the latest news, scandals and reports from the front lines of Tyria’s economic battlefield. You can often find me in my permanent residence at the Lions Arch trading post on the European server of Piken Square.

On BlackLionsProfit.com you will find the best gold making techniques, guides and strategies in Guild Wars 2. We are committed to ensuring that the economy stays open and competitive for everyone in the game, not the domain of gold farmers, power trader’s and “get rich quick” eBook Salesmen. You can find our free Guild Wars 2 gold guide here.

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Please Note: we are not interested in contact with any person or website involved in the sale of gold, bots or account levelling services.

- The Great Giganto

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