10 Niche Markets

10 Niche Markets in Guild Wars 2

Colour coded for your convenience! 

Chef Components

Chef Components are items used in the Chef profession which are crafted with base ingredients for use in advanced recipes, an example of a chef component would be the Bowl of Cream Soup Base.

Suggested Items: Bowl of Cream Soup Base, Tomato Sauce, Herbed Meat Stock, Ball of dough & Omnomberry Compote.

Jewelcrafting  Components

Everything needed to craft those beautiful rings and Amulets seen on every single player in Guild Wars 2. (although you can’t actually see them!)

Suggested Items: Orichalcum Filigree, Mithril Band, Gold Hook &  Mithril Setting.

Tuning Crystals, Sharpening Stones & Maintenance Oil

Small niche markets with a loyal customer base looking to get some cheap and dirty consumables to give themselves that extra advantage in combat.

Suggested Items: Quality Sharpening Stone, Standard Maintenance Oil & Master Tuning Crystal.

Godskull Weapons

Godskull Weapons can only be crafted by players who have purchased the recipe, and offer some fantastic looking skins for the fashion conscious adventurer.

Suggested Items: Godskull Targe, Godskull Musket & Godskull Slayer.


Gemstones can be hit or miss when it comes to flipping so always check the current vendor price, useability and return percentage. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is when investing with gemstones.

Suggested Items: Amethyst Nugget, Lapis Lump, Pearl & Ruby Shard.

Rare Shields

When I say rare shields, I specifically mean low level shields that have nice looking skins and are easily affordable for players to purchase without breaking their bank. (-50 silver)

Suggested Item: Dredge Barricade, Ogre Bulwark & Bandit Ward.

Rare Rings

Rare rings specifically between levels 39 - 74 are constantly bought by players leveling up alts, this is a great market if you know what you are doing!

Suggested Items: Arctic Ring, Strong ring, Rampager Ring.

Permanent Contracts

A relatively small niche market with high risk / low competition atmosphere - perfect for any billionaires looking to splash out a little and earn a decent penny back if successful.

Suggested Items: Permanent Trading Post Express Contract

Mini Pets

As long as the Miniature Collection achievement exists in Guild Wars 2 there will always be a demand for mini pets! The secret is to follow the price graphs and buy them when they are very low. Very easy profit if you can get them at the right price.

Suggested Items: Track the price graphs and buy when very low.


The penultimate niche market! (excluding legendaries)

Suggested Items: Track the price graphs and use your own judgement as when to buy.


  1. You actually used penultimate correctly. It means the second to the last in a series of things. Precursors would be penultimate while legendarily would be ultimate. :)

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